PJ RasePJ Rase, General Manager for Infra-Metals New Boston, began working as a Sales Representative at our company in 2013. PJ earned two degrees, a Bachelor degree in Accounting and a Bachelor degree in Business Management from the University of Rio Grande, Rio Grande, Ohio.

Career Growth at Infra-Metals

Rase, has held several roles throughout his time with Infra-Metals. PJ brought his previous retail sales experience and applied to this new career opportunity. He started with Infra-Metals by working in the sales department as one the first sales representatives trained before the New Boston, OH facility went live. He learned through his travels to and from the Wallingford, CT facility how the steel business worked and where Infra-Metals participated. At that he was mentored and worked very closely with the then general manager of the new Ohio facility, Oak Williams.

PJ quickly embraced the new company culture and earned his way to the Sales Manager position. His new responsibilities included nurturing and motivating a staff of six sales personnel. When asked what he likes about working for Infra-Metals his response was: “Exciting. Fun. Never Monotonous. I work with all types of people.”

In 2018 PJ moved into the role of General Manager for New Boston, OH.


Current Day-to-Day of General Manager

In his current role as General Manager, PJ oversees the New Boston, OH facility and all its employees.

“I am offered the opportunity to have an impact on the lives of the people I work with every day and can see myself retiring from this place. It’s a great company to work for.”

Starting from the ground up, the New Boston location has enjoyed watching it’s employees grow personally and professionally. PJ has witnessed this location grow and become successful due to the hard work and dedication of a lot of people.

There are many stories like mine throughout the organization and that is special to have an employer that takes an interest in your personal success.”

Updated 6/1/2022 – At the time of this story, PJ was the General Manager of the Ohio facility and as of the beginning of June 2022 he will oversee the Atlanta, GA location. Congratulations on your continued success PJ!