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Florida Division Has Operated Two Years Accident Free!!!

We are pleased to announce that on March 6, 2021, our Infra-Metals Florida Division employees, have worked 2 Years Accident Free!!! Our employees have worked over 117,640 hours and shipped 159,280 tons without injury.  This is an extraordinary accomplishment!

When we asked our employees, what keeps them motivated to work safely, their answer was to go home to their families in one piece, every day and for their fellow workers to do the same. When we asked our employees, what their favorite safety quote was, many of them answered “Safety, Quality, Production”. Finally, when we asked our employees, what can we do better as a company in regards to safety, their answer was that they wanted us to continue encouraging them to work Safely. They wanted us to continue to provide them with the tools necessary to work safely.

As we celebrate and honor our employees who have reached this milestone, we all recognize that they must continue to work safely, as their work is far from being done. We are so proud of our employees and their similar mindset of wanting to live in the culture of Safety First.  As a company, we want our employees and their families to know, that our mission is to ensure the safety of all our workers, as they are our Number One Priority!

These pictures are of our employees who have worked hard to be accident free over the last 2 years and counting.

Congratulations and a job well done Tampa!

NASCC 2021 Virtual Exhibitor

Registration for NASCC The Virtual Steel Conference is now open.

This is event will be held April 12-16, 2021. Click here for more information and to register for this event.

This virtual event has something for everybody with over 150+ educational sessions and networking opportunities. The NASCC conference has long been the go to conference for the structural steel fabrication community.

What is NASCC?

Credit“NASCC: The Steel Conference is the premier educational and networking event for the structural steel industry bringing together structural engineers, structural steel fabricators, erectors, detailers, and architects. In addition to practical seminars on the latest design concepts, construction techniques, and cutting-edge research, the conference also offers an extensive trade show, featuring products ranging from structural design software to machinery for cutting steel beams, and many networking opportunities.”


Infra-Metals is pleased to be a sponsor and exhibitor at this event and we look forward to networking with you and your business. Visit our booth here.



Tampa Steel Virtual Conference 2021

virtual networkingInfra-Metals is proud to be sponsoring the 2021 Tampa Steel Conference this year. The conference will be held on Tuesday, February 2, 2021. This is the 32nd year for the conference and going virtual doesn’t means it’s not full of great opportunities to connect and network.

The full agenda is available now and has some great content this year from many keynote speakers offering information from varying segments of the industry. Due to the nature of this years virtual event, you can join us online at your convenience. Registration is open so don’t miss out!

Steel Market Update has partnered with Port Tampa Bay to bring the conference to us all virtually this year. The platform will be similar to that used during the 2020 SMU Steel Summit Conference, which was held very successfully despite the obstacles presented at that time.


We are a full-line service center offering comprehensive first-stage processing. The combination of the largest nationwide available inventory and high quality processing make Infra-Metals a great choice for all your structural steel needs. You can upload your drawing files here and submit your quote for the fastest turn-around time in the business.

New Infra-Metals Virginia Safety Record Smashes Previous

CollageInfra-Metals Virginia has achieved another milestone for safety. On January 1, 2021, they recorded the official (1) Calendar Year and 533 days OSHA Recordable Free! Their original plant record occurred on July 31, 2020 where they operated for 365 days without incident. Prior to that, their previous record was 188 days. Infra Petersburg continues to outperform themselves year over year.

Your facility has achieved something very special and we are all very proud of your accomplishment. As many of us know, SAFETY is our number one priority! Thank you to everyone at the Petersburg, VA location for all your efforts!



The Petersburg, VA warehouse is located roughly 30 miles south of Richmond, VA. This facility offers a full complement of processing equipment and structural shapes and sizes to service all types of projects.


Infra-Metals Central Hits Safety Milestone!

Congratulations to our Central Division on 365 days of accident free operation!

We are very proud of your efforts to achieve such a big milestone!

Infra-Metals New Boston New Safety Milestone

As of October 28, 2019, Infra-Metals New Boston has worked 500 days without recordable injury, smashing their old record or 441 days!

Safety is no accident. Everyone in our New Boston facility has worked very hard to reach this goal!

Keep up the good work New Boston!

International WorkBoat Show 2019

Come see Infra-Metals and Delta Steel Inc in New Orleans, LA. on December 4-6, booth #1655. Infra-Metals and Delta Steel are the largest suppliers of structural steel servicing many industries including but not limited to Structural Fabrication, Ship Building and Repair, Oil and Gas, Bridge and Infrastructure and Agricultural.

We specialize in extensive first stage processing of many products including plate, wide flange beams, tubing and many more.

Featured services are Press Brake (up to 60′), Cutting, Milling, Drilling, Beveling, Saw Cut and much much more.

With 14 locations spread across the country, we can service any project. With over 200,000+ tons of inventory available for immediate delivery we are your one-stop-shop for all you project needs.


Infra-Metals New Boston injury free for 365 days!

As of June 15, 2019, Infra-Metals New Boston has worked 365 days without a recordable injury.

That is no small feat…It has not gone unnoticed. I know we pride ourselves on not patting ourselves on the back, and just keeping our head down and doing the right thing, but I also know how important your leadership has been in getting us to this point. This didn’t happen because we have a great safety program, and it certainly didn’t happen because we have a great safety coordinator, it happened because you guys drove it home with your teams each and every day. It happened because you intervened when necessary, it happened because we changed how we did things to make them safer, it changed because we held each other accountable.

I appreciate the effort each and every one of you has put forth to insure our employees work safely every task, every time.

We celebrated with an all-plant cookout on June 21, 2019.

The next milestone for New Boston is 441 days (to beat our old record) and two years injury-free!

New Boston hosts Spring 2018 OSA Membership meeting

On Friday, March 16, 2018 Infra-Metals New Boston hosts the annual membership meeting for The Ohio Structural Steel & Architectural Metals Association. The event is sponsored by Infra-Metals, Atlas Tube and V&S Galvanizing. Thank you for your participation. The program will include a presentation on steelXML from AISC, FabSuite and Infra-Metals followed by a tour of our New Boston facility.


We had a wonderful event hosting the OSA on March 16, 2018. Here is a link to some highlights of our event. Thank you to all that participated and made this event possible!

OSA Spring 2018 Meeting Update

SteelDay 2017!

We are proud to be hosting SteelDay 2017 again this year at our Wallingford, CT facility!