Structural Steel in Communications and Power

The communications and power industries require reliable infrastructure to sustain heavy loads, dependably transmit signals, and withstand harsh environments. For its lightweight, durability, resistance characteristics, and more, high-quality structural steel has many potential applications in these sectors.

Since 1990, Infra-Metals Co. has become one of the largest U.S. distributors and service providers of structural carbon steel. Our team serves diverse industries with high-quality raw and processed materials to meet the needs of varied applications. Read on to learn how structural steel supports communications and power operations and what Infra-Metals has to offer.


Overview of Structural Steel in Communications and Power Sectors

Structural steel is an integral part of infrastructure in global communication networks. Equipment of all types, from antennas to network towers, relies on structural steel to deliver optimal performance and longevity in transmitting communications and data.

What sets structural steel apart from other less dependable materials is its combined lightweight nature and durable strength. The unique properties of structural steel help ensure communications and power equipment to withstand not only the stress of heavy loads but also the harsh environmental conditions that equipment will experience in outdoor applications. At the same time, these materials help minimize the equipment’s overall weight for reliable signal transmission.

In addition to facilitating worldwide connectivity and effective power transmission, structural steel is also more cost-effective and eco-friendly than other materials for long-term use in transmission towers and other communications and power equipment.

Applications for Structural Steel in Communications and Power Sectors

Structural steel has many potential applications in the communications and power industries, with two primary examples being transmission and power generation. The material can provide support, strong parts, and even worker access to:

  • Single antennas
  • Directional AM antenna arrays
  • Transmission and telecommunications network towers
  • Power generators
  • Substation construction
  • Transmission poles

While they may not realize it, people all over the world depend on steel infrastructure every day for its ability to provide effective and efficient transmission of energy and communications. Whether it’s supplying electrical power or helping create cellular or broadcasting networks, lightweight yet durable structural steel is up to the task.

Advantages of Structural Steel for Communications and Power Sectors

A few of the key advantages of steel structures in these communication and power applications include:

  • Superior structural integrity, delivering strong support for heavy loads of telecommunications and power equipment
  • Excellent longevity, reducing maintenance requirements and the associated costs
  • Ease of alterations or reinforcement, allowing for add-ons and expansions over time as networks grow
  • Recyclable nature, providing an environmentally friendly construction material alternative

Structural Steel Products and Services From Infra-Metals

Seeking structural steel for your communications or power project? Infra-Metals has the resources, inventory, and expertise to provide you with high-quality structural carbon steel products and value added services to meet your unique requirements.

Our product offerings include tubes, pipes, plates, sheets, angles, bars, channels, I-beams, wide flange beams, and other steel components, all available on relatively short notice. To consolidate your material and processing needs and add value for our customers, we also offer an array of services based on your project requirements. So that you receive materials that are ready for use in your project, our expert team has drilling, saw cutting, metal forming, press braking, cambering, plate burning, blasting and priming, robotic coping, and T-splitting capabilities to help you complete projects of all types.

As a leading structural steel distributor and a proud part of the Reliance, Inc. family, Infra-Metals strives to streamline your procurement needs. Request a quote today, and we’ll help you select the optimal structural steel solution for your application.