We say farewell to long time President, Mark Haight. After graduating from Ohio Northern University in 1980, Mark Haight went to work for a steel service center in MI. Mark we knew to the business, but it was an opportunity, so he took at it. He worked hard, tried to make a positive impression and […]

Marcial Villalobos – Safety Coordinator

Marcial Villalobos is the Safety Coordinator for Infra-Metals Marseilles. Eighteen years later he has never looked back. Marcial decided that he wanted something more stationary as opposed to his prior job. He would travel out of state every week working as a foreman for a railroad company. Marcial had friends that worked in the warehouse […]

Ivan Lopez – Inventory Control

Ivan Lopez is Inventory Control in Tampa. Fifteen years and still going strong. Ivan, young and working in Puerto Rico as a cabinet installer, was looking for a better opportunity for him and his girlfriend and to start a life in the states. He was referred by a friend when he began working at his […]

Kevin Perez – Quality Assurance Administrator

Kevin Perez is the Quality Assurance Administrator for Wallingford, CT. Kevin arrived at Infra-Metals in 1996 after an honorable discharge from the United States Army and leaving his job at a convalescent home. His 26 year journey began as a 3rd shift crane operator in Wallingford, CT. From 1998-2006 Kevin worked in the warehouse as […]

Cheryl Bryant – Credit Manager

Cheryl Bryant is the Credit Manager for Petersburg, VA. Cheryl was originally hired in 2015 as an Assistant Credit Manager based in our Home Office of Langhorne, PA. She is a well versed in the credit department and holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Management. Her primary role was to assist the daily tasks of […]

Brian Marshall – General Manager

Brian Marshall is the General Manager for New Boston, OH. Formerly a realtor from New Boston, OH, Brian was always plugged in to things happening in his home town. He came across an article in the local newspaper that ultimately changed his career path and it’s trajectory from day one. Brian leveraged LinkedIn at the […]

Anthony Forino – Processing Supervisor

Anthony Forino is the Processing Supervisor for Marseilles, IL. Anthony “Tony” Forino has been a veteran of the Marseilles, IL facility for over 18 years. He came to Infra-Metals in 2004, already experienced in CNC machine and fork truck operation from his previous employer. His parents lived near a barge terminal and heard about the […]

Kyle Ratliff – General Manager

Kyle Ratliff, General Manager for Infra-Metals Virginia, has been with the company since May of 2000, where he began his career as a Sales Representative in, what was the first Mid-West location for Infra-Metals, a former facility in East Chicago, IN. After a few short years in Indiana, Infra-Metals opened a brand new green field […]

Nick Grieco – Operations Manager

Nick Grieco is the Operations Manager in Wallingford, CT. Originally from Connecticut, Nick spent time in Florida working for a low voltage security company where he installed entry, emergency and security systems. Nick arrived back home in Connecticut where he took a warehouse position in January of 2011. He went through peer training for crane […]

Infra-Metals Receives The 2021 MSCI Safety Innovation & Improvement Award

On May 11, 2022, Infra-Metals and Delta Steel received the 2021 MSCI Safety Innovation & Improvement Award for the the Infra-Metals Trailer Rail Safety System. In early 2019, our company had experienced several injuries and/or near misses resulting from falls from trailers. As a result, we challenged ourselves to find a solution to eliminate and […]