Selecting the Right Steel Supply Partner

The steel industry is a vital component of modern infrastructure, serving various sectors such as construction, manufacturing, automotive, energy, and many more. As such, selecting a reliable and efficient steel supply partner is crucial for businesses to ensure uninterrupted operations and maintain product quality. But with numerous options available in the market, choosing the right […]

Ralph Conte – Credit Manager

Ralph Conte is the Credit Manager for Wallingford, CT. Ralph has worked in credit across several industries since 1995, the majority of which has been business-to-business. Previously coming from the lumber industry, he began working in Wallingford, CT as an assistant credit manager in January of 2013. Working alongside the credit manager gave Ralph the […]

Key Design Considerations for Structural Steel Bridges

Steel is a versatile material that has been used to build bridges for over a century. They are ideal for several applications due to their durability, sturdiness, and reliability and are commonly used for road and railway projects. Moreover, they offer many benefits, including high strength-to-weight ratios, long spans, and various design options. This post […]

How To Get the Right Solar Steel Panel Mounting Structures

As more individuals seek alternative energy sources, the demand for solar electricity is expanding. One of the critical components of a solar energy system is the mounting structure. Solar panel mounting systems give solar panels the support they need to catch sunlight and convert it into usable energy. This post will discuss crucial factors when […]

Eric Gray – Traffic Coordinator

Eric Gray is the Traffic Coordinator in Marseilles, IL. Eric, formerly a bartender from Ottawa, IL., decided to look into job opportunities and found out about Infra-Metals through a family friend. An interview was scheduled with the operations manager and he was hired to work as a crane operator on 2nd shift in 2006. Eric […]

Ken Crespi Jr. – Traffic Manager

Ken Crespi Jr. is the Traffic Manager in Atlanta, GA. Ken’s career with Infra-Metals spans several decades and locations. He began working for Infra-Metals Wallingford in 1994 as the traffic manager. He was referred by his father, whom had been the long time credit manager at that facility. As the 90’s rolled on, business began […]

Josh Kozlowski – Traffic Manager

Josh Kozlowski is the Traffic Manager in Wallingford, CT. Josh, originally a Milwaukee native, moved to Connecticut when he turned 21. He began his career in the steel industry by working for a metal processor specializing in stamping. Josh gained valuable shop experience running one of the presses and eventually made his way into quality […]


We say farewell to long time President, Mark Haight. After graduating from Ohio Northern University in 1980, Mark Haight went to work for a steel service center in MI. Mark was new to the business, but it was an opportunity, so he took it. He worked hard, tried to make a positive impression and it […]

Marcial Villalobos – Safety Coordinator

Marcial Villalobos is the Safety Coordinator for Infra-Metals Marseilles. Eighteen years later he has never looked back. Marcial decided that he wanted something more stationary as opposed to his prior job. He would travel out of state every week working as a foreman for a railroad company. Marcial had friends that worked in the warehouse […]

Ivan Lopez – Inventory Control

Ivan Lopez is Inventory Control in Tampa. Fifteen years and still going strong. Ivan, young and working in Puerto Rico as a cabinet installer, was looking for a better opportunity for him and his girlfriend and to start a life in the states. He was referred by a friend when he began working at his […]