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Johnathon Monteau – Shift Supervisor

Johnathon Monteau is a Shift Supervisor in Petersburg, VA.

Johnathon Monteau’s career at Infra-Metals is a testament to adaptability and the power of continuous learning.  Born in Northern NY, Johnathon’s journey first led him to Florida where his uncle’s temp agency opened doors for him. His career kicked off as a temp, sorting mini mill bar products back in 2012 in the Tampa, FL location. Shapes and grades became his language, colors his guide. But it was the crane that captured his attention, and not long after he was offered a permanent role.

“It took me longer to learn the crane than it did to load trucks with all the stops,” he recalls. But persistence paid off.

After spending just two years in the sunshine state as a 3rd shift crane operator, he moved to Petersburg where he’d work on 2nd shift as a crane operator. During his time in Virginia, Johnathon met his future wife and they decided to move back to New Jersey and start building a life.

There he spent time briefly working for Metals USA, a sister company within the Reliance, Inc. family of companies. A short six months later they packed up they things in December of 2018 and headed back to Petersburg. Johnathon’s story reminds us that every role, every challenge, every move contributes to our journey.

Career Growth

January 2023 marked a turning point. Johnathon stepped into the role of Shift Supervisor. Now, he oversees everything on shift. Inbound deliveries, outbound trucks, and a team of dedicated employees—all part of his daily business.

“There are a whole lot of moving parts coming together and that’s what I enjoy.”

Safety is paramount—toolbox talks, pre-shift meetings—a daily ritual to ensure smooth and safe operations. Infra-Metals has transformed since he started. Personal growth, capital investments, and professional evolution—the company thrives. Johnathon’s aspirations? To continue building the team, fostering growth and perhaps, one day, the position of Operations Manager.

“I enjoy the camaraderie with my crew and the satisfaction of teaching new staff how to do things.”


Outside the warehouse, Johnathon’s hands craft furniture and other woodworking projects that cater to his passions. Equally as moving are his love of cars and turning wrenches as he spends time overhauling and rebuilding cars.

Congratulations Johnathon! Together we embrace the journey ahead!

Christian Stone – Safety Supervisor

Christian Stone is the Safety Supervisor in New Boston, OH.

Christian Stone, a resilient and dedicated individual, embarked on a remarkable journey within the walls of Infra-Metals. His story is one of perseverance, growth, and unwavering commitment to safety.

Christian’s path began with humble origins. Armed with a vocation in masonry, he joined Infra-Metals as a part-time clean-up crew member in February of 2018. The dusty floors and scattered debris were his canvas, and he worked diligently to keep the workspace organized and hazard-free.

Christian’s dedication caught the eye of an operations manager who had connections. This fortuitous encounter led to an offer: full-time employment as a crane operator. Christian seized the opportunity and transitioned from within only a month of working at the facility. His training spanned several months under the guidance of seasoned operators, learning the workflow and adapting to the new environment. The computer system became his ally when he stepped into the role of second-shift leadman in August of 2020.

“Infra-Metals isn’t just a workplace; it is a community.”

As the years passed, Christian’s passion for safety grew. He became a shift supervisor in March of 2021, managing the success of the team, making sure loads were ready for delivery, all while ensuring his team went home at the end of the shift unscathed. His hands-on approach allowed him to connect with the warehouse crew, fostering a culture of vigilance. Christian’s eyes were always scanning for innovative ways to enhance safety measures.

Career Growth

Infra-Metals transformed during Christian’s tenure. Efficiency became the heartbeat of the company, beating in sync with countless safety procedures. Investments poured into state-of-the-art machines and forklifts, a testament to the commitment towards progress. Christian’s aspirations knew no bounds. Personal advancement fueled his fire and in May of 2024 he became the newly appointed Safety Supervisor. With that, Christian continues to inspire others, proving that dreams, when pursued relentlessly, can indeed become reality.

“I still get to make an impact with the guys on the floor”

In his role, Christian conducts hands-on safety training, toolbox talks and all the documentation for the warehouse regarding safety protocols. “I like being involved with the warehouse.”

Never settling, he envisions himself climbing higher within the company. “I want to go into Sales at some point”


Outside work, Christian found solace in golf. Almost every evening, he’d swing his clubs, the green fairways offering a respite from the clang of metal. And when the season allowed, he’d venture into the wild, hunting coyotes, turkeys, pheasants, and quails—a primal connection to nature.

Christian Stone’s journey exemplifies the spirit of a career climber. From sweeping floors to safeguarding lives, he continues to grow alongside the company.


“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Congratulations Christian on your rise through Infra-Metals! Your story serves as a reminder that each day presents an opportunity to ascend, acquire knowledge, and create a lasting impact. We look forward to great things together!

Tony Feithen – Processing Coordinator

Tony Feithen is the Processing Coordinator in Marseilles, IL.

Tony Feithen, a name synonymous with dedication and perseverance, has carved an inspiring path within our company. Starting from as a Saw Operator, Tony’s journey is a testament to the possibilities within our organization for those willing to work hard and seize opportunities.

Tony’s journey began in October 2008 where he brought knowledge and experience as a saw/crane operator from another service center. Over the years, he became proficient in almost all of the machines in the processing department, from the CNC plasma to the automated saws, showcasing his versatility and commitment to mastering his craft. His dedication didn’t go unnoticed, leading to his promotion to Second Shift Supervisor in November 2021.

As a supervisor, Tony excelled in his role, demonstrating exceptional organizational skills and a keen eye for quality control. He mentored new hires and efficiently managed shift employees, ensuring smooth operations during his tenure.

“Every day was different and presented new challenges.”

But Tony’s ambition didn’t stop there. In April 2024, Tony reached another milestone in his career by assuming the role of Processing Coordinator. His transition was seamless, thanks to his extensive experience and training. Notably, Tony’s journey wasn’t without challenges, but his determination and resilience propelled him forward.

Career Growth

In his current role, Tony’s responsibilities include assisting in overflow work, CAD programming for the Kinetic machines, and providing coverage in the absence of the Processing Manager. He thrives in the dynamic nature of his job, relishing the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues across departments and embrace new technologies.

Reflecting on his time 16 year tenure at Infra-Metals, Tony highlights the positive changes he’s witnessed within the company’s culture.

“There are more opportunities for professional growth, a better safety program and a more supportive culture geared towards the employee than ever before.”

His story serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us that with perseverance, dedication, and a passion for learning, anything is possible.


Outside of work, Tony finds joy in playing bass guitar and volunteering for the National Newfoundland Dog Rescue, where he fosters and transports dogs in need. His commitment to his passions mirrors his dedication to his career, showcasing a well-rounded individual who values both professional success and personal fulfillment.

Looking ahead, Tony’s aspirations extend beyond his current role. With a desire to continue climbing within the company, he sets his sights on management positions, eager to contribute his leadership skills and passion for excellence. Congratulations Tony!

Josh Parrott – Safety Supervisor

Josh Parrott is the Safety Supervisor in Tampa, FL.

As the Safety Supervisor at Infra-Metals Tampa, his advancement from a Torch Cutter to Safety Supervisor has been swift but well earned. Meet Infra-Metals veteran, Josh Parrott, whose journey from a temporary position to a vital role within the company spans over nine years of unwavering dedication and continuous growth. But his journey to Infra-Metals was not a solitary one. It was a tale of relocation, driven by a desire to embrace warmer climates and new opportunities. Leaving behind the cold winters of Syracuse, NY, he and his family embarked on a quest for a brighter future, guided by the promise of growth.

His journey commenced in June 2015, marked by a temporary role that would soon blossom into a long-term commitment. Transitioning swiftly, he assumed the position of a Second Shift Burn Operator, holding the position from July 2015 to September 2016. Under his watchful eye, he mastered the intricacies of the burning machine, shaping raw metal into finished pieces ready for customer deliveries.

September 2016 marked a pivotal shift as he ascended to the role of First Shift Burn Operator, a position he held until January 2023. Here, amidst the sparks and smoke, he donned many hats – from saw operator to camber expert, from burning aficionado to nesting software guru. As a backup to the CAD programmer and other processing operators, he stood at the forefront of innovation, embracing new technologies and methodologies.

His training experience at Infra-Metals was transformative. As he navigated the nuances of the company’s operations, he embraced a new safety culture, where vigilance and caution were paramount. Equipped with his innate knowledge of running the processing machines, he delved into the intricacies of the ERP system, honing his skills to meet the company’s evolving needs.

Career Growth

In January 2023 he accept the position of Safety Supervisor and his skillset extends far beyond the confines of machinery and technology. As a mentor and guardian of safety, he walks the corridors of Infra-Metals with purpose and pride. From conducting toolbox talks and managing employee safety files, his purpose is to ensure that each worker returns home safe and sound.

“I do a lot of scanning…but it’s worth it!”

With each passing day, he takes aim at new challenges, embracing them with the same courage and determination that define his journey. What he enjoys most about his current role is the opportunity to engage with his colleagues, to witness the spark of understanding in their eyes as they grasp new concepts and techniques.

“For me, there’s no greater joy than seeing others succeed and knowing that I played a part in their journey.”

Reflecting on his time at Infra Metals, he marvels at the company’s commitment to safety and growth. Together, they strive to raise the bar, to set new standards of excellence in the steel industry. As he looks to the future, his aspirations are simple yet profound – to support his family, to grow within the company, and to become the best version of himself.


When the workday ends, he finds solace and joy in the simple pleasures of life – kayak fishing, beach outings, and cherished moments with his family.


“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

Today, as we honor this remarkable individual, we celebrate not just his professional achievements, but the indomitable spirit that propels him forward. Congratulations Josh!

Nick Horine – Quality Control Supervisor

Nick Horine is the Quality Control Supervisor in Marseilles, IL.

As the Quality Control Supervisor at Infra-Metals Marseilles, his advancement from a Torch Cutter to Quality Control Supervisor has been swift but well earned.

Nick’s career began six years ago, in the Summer of 2018, when he joined the company as a 2nd Shift Torch Cutter. In those days, he worked hard, cutting orders and processing materials while learning the ropes of the trade. He was tasked with helping crane operators sling chains, torch cut material for customers, manage drops and ensure the inventory was logged and cut properly in the ERP system. His dedication didn’t go unnoticed, and soon he found himself taking on more responsibilities by moving into the processing department only a short couple of months later that Fall.

Nick was trained to operate the cranes, shot blaster and saws and enjoyed learning more in depth operations of steel distribution business. Reflecting on his journey, Nick recalled the informal yet thorough training he received from veteran colleagues.

“I learned tips and tricks from seasoned operators.”

Each role he took on presented new challenges, but Nick approached them with a determination to excel. In June of 2019 he moved yet again into another role, Inventory Coordinator.

Career Growth

Nick earned the trust of his superiors, who recognized his unwavering commitment to excellence and so took on the role of Quality Control Supervisor. He became the go-to person for handling processing errors, damaged material, and inventory discrepancies.

“What I enjoy about my current role is the autonomy it provides. I can focus on my work and hold myself accountable.”

His role was not just about maintaining quality; it was about upholding integrity and accountability in every aspect of his work. As for his aspirations, Nick’s goals were clear – to continue growing with the company and striving for excellence every day. At Infra-Metals, our inventory is our lifeblood and putting good people in place to manage it is essential to maintaining it’s integrity and accuracy.

“I know we can do better, and I’m committed to giving my best. I look back at my time here and I see only growth. I look at my future and I see the same.”

Over the years, Nick witnessed significant changes within the company. The culture had transformed into a cohesive team environment, where everyone looked out for each other’s safety and well-being. Safety improvements and better inventory organization were just a few of the positive shifts Nick observed.

A little note from Nick’s manager – “Nick is someone you can always count on. He continues to help out in all areas whenever needed.  He will hop on a crane, count off loads, etc.  Always more than willing to go above and beyond to help out on any day.  He also volunteers to come in and work most weekends when we are working too.” 


His dedication extends beyond the workplace, as he pours himself into hobbies like Brazilian jiu-jitsu and teaching the sport to children, including his nine-year-old son. His love for motorcycles, particularly his Harley Davidson, offered him moments of freedom amidst his busy schedule.


“The danger is not to set your goal too high and fail to reach it. It is to set your goal too low and reach it.” – Georges St Pierre

As he looks towards the future, Nick is determined to continue making a positive impact, both within the company and in his community. Congratulations Nick!

Joey Alberico – Assistant Traffic Manager

Joey Alberico is the Assistant Traffic Manager in Petersburg, VA.

Steel service centers cannot function without good people and there is one individual whose career trajectory has soared to great heights. Meet Joey Alberico, a seasoned professional whose journey from the role of a Crane Operator to the position of Assistant Traffic Manager is a testament to his unwavering dedication and pursuit of excellence.

Starting as a Crane Operator in April 2007, he entered a domain where the clang of metal and the hum of machinery were the orchestral backdrop to his career.

From the very beginning, Joey demonstrated a remarkable ability to learn and adapt. Having no prior experience in steel or operating an overhead crane, he immersed himself in the world of veteran operators. Through observation and hands-on learning, he quickly evolved from a novice to a proficient crane operator within a month.

His early roles included a stint as Leadman from April 2010 to April 2012, where he not only operated the crane but also assumed the role of Assistant Supervisor. Responsibilities expanded to include learning the intricacies of a new software system and filling in wherever his fellow employees were out of the office.

Joey’s journey took a managerial turn in April 2012 when he embraced the position of Shift Supervisor. Managing 10-15 people per shift, he navigated the challenges of rotating shifts every three months, overseeing inbound and outbound processes, and ensuring a smooth workflow. The rotation, according to Joey, brought a fresh perspective to the job, keeping tasks dynamic and engaging.

Career Growth

July 2018 marked a pivotal moment in Joey’s career as he assumed the role of Assistant Traffic Manager. Intrigued by the prospect of a new challenge, he applied for the opening, propelling himself into a realm that demanded a deep understanding of the company’s operations. Joey had to learn the traffic side of the computer system, delve into DOT regulations, and become adept at negotiating competitive freight rates and carriers. His responsibilities extended to queuing loads and collaborating with the Sales and Processing Managers.

Reflecting on his 16+ years at Infra Metals, Joey acknowledged the transformative changes he witnessed.

“The emphasis on safety, then and now, was like night and day.”

The company’s commitment to employee engagement and feedback, robust training programs, and a boost in morale showcased a progressive evolution. In his current role, Joey enjoys the relief from physical stress, relishing the daily challenges that make his job dynamic. Collaborating with various departments, assisting in driver interviews, managing DOT folders, and monitoring the GEO Tabs, he finds fulfillment in the multifaceted nature of his responsibilities.

Joey’s aspirations align with his commitment to Infra Metals, envisioning it as the place he will retire from. His eyes are set on a position in management, reflecting his ambition to contribute to the company’s growth and success.


Outside of the steel realm, Joey finds joy in coaching his son’s baseball team and cheering for his daughter’s softball endeavors. Family time, a precious commodity, is spent with his daughter and two sons, fostering a bond that mirrors the camaraderie he values at work.


“If it’s something I can’t control, don’t let it bother you.”


Paul Suriel – Account Representative

Paul Suriel is an Account Representative in Hallandale, FL.


In the competitive world of structural steel sales, where relationships are as crucial as the products themselves, one name stands out as a testament to commitment and success – Paul Suriel. As an Account Representative for Infra-Metals, Paul’s career has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, spanning over 28 years.

Paul’s journey began at the City College of New York (CCNY), where he laid the foundation for his future success. Armed with a degree and a determination to excel, he entered the professional arena in the role of Sales Export at Infra-Metals in August 1995. Paul’s journey to Infra-Metals wasn’t a conventional one. Having moved from New York to South Florida in pursuit of an architectural job, he initially signed on with a temp agency. Fate intervened when the company needed someone who could speak Spanish to fill in while the export manager was on vacation. Paul, with his multilingual abilities and background in the New York City Department of Buildings, seamlessly stepped into the role and found himself an integral part of the team.

His years with the NYC Department of Buildings, from 1982 to 1994, gave Paul a unique perspective. Reviewing plans, ensuring compliance with city codes, and overseeing permit filings made him adept in the construction industry’s intricacies. This experience laid the foundation for his transition to structural steel sales, where he found himself at ease with the technical jargon and nomenclature. His early days were a testament to the grit and determination that would become hallmarks of his career. The landscape was different back then – no computers, no databases. Paul learned the ropes by working directly with the Export Manager, undertaking clerical tasks and utilizing the phone as his primary tool. Exporting, in those days, meant more than just shipping steel; it involved sourcing everything a project needed, right down to the toilets.

“I used those green books of all of the different vendors to find what the customer required.”

Infra-Metals recognized Paul’s potential, and the general manager at the time offered him a permanent position. Paul contributed to a case study for adding the Tampa warehouse location, relying on manual methods, and drawing from his previous experiences in NYC. His role expanded to include facilitating and acting as a liaison in the Hallandale office for the Tampa General Manager, making him a key player in the company’s growth.

Career Growth

Today, Paul serves as the lead person for the Hallandale office, handling all property-related issues and serving as the primary point of contact. He emphasizes that, “at Infra-Metals, the focus isn’t just on selling a number but on building relationships and trust.” His dedication to establishing trust as a superior sales technique echoes the sentiment that relationships are the bedrock of success.

Paul handles some of the largest key accounts in Florida, working closely with big fabricators and relishing the challenges that come with major projects. His colleagues highlight his unwavering commitment, always the first to volunteer and the first in line for any task that contributes to the company’s success. Paul is one of the original “Champions” tasked with assisting in a mult-warehouse centralization project that spanned over a year; a massive undertaking to say the least that wouldn’t have been possible without people like him on our team.

Looking ahead, his aspirations involve passing the torch to the younger generation, aiming to leave Infra-Metals in a better state than he found it.


When not busy behind the sales desk, Paul is known for his hobbies – golf, puzzles, and entertaining.


“Great sales people are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win.” – Jeffrey Gitoner

As Paul Suriel continues to navigate the dynamic world of structural steel sales, his story serves as an inspiration for aspiring professionals and a testament to the enduring power of dedication, hard work, and a commitment to building lasting relationships.

Dax Barron – Account Representative

Dax Barron is an Account Representative in Atlanta, GA.

Dax’s journey to Infra-Metals began while he was in college, working for Morton Buildings. Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from the prestigious University of Mississippi, Dax embarked on a career in sales. However, his story is not just about a career; it’s about a relentless pursuit of excellence and continuous self-improvement. Through a serendipitous connection, he joined O’Neil Steel, where he initially worked in inside sales. However, his true calling was in outside sales, leading him to Kloeckner Metals Corp. where he learned the importance of building relationships with customers and incorporated innovative tools like LinkedIn to expand that business.

In 2007, he seized the opportunity to work with IMS/GA Steel, driven by the promise of a more significant sales territory and greater growth potential. He joined the company in the summer as an outside sales representative, but his path took a twist in February 2015 when he transitioned to the role of an inside sales Account Representative. Infra-Metals took on the managerial responsibilities of IMS/GA Steel at that time and Dax set his sights on this new opportunity. His motivation was clear – he wanted to leave the open road behind and work from the office, focusing on building business and increasing margins. Dax believed that his inside role would make him even more valuable to the company.

With Infra-Metals now leading the company, Dax learned the new culture and sales methodologies through extensive training. As he reflects on this time, he feels grateful for the opportunity he had to build a strong bond with his fellow colleagues. He accepted the challenge and thrived, but it wasn’t without long hours and sacrifice.

“There were times we wanted to throw things at each other, however we kept the local bars and liquor stores in business.”

Career Growth

Dax’s tenure at Infra-Metals spans an impressive 16 years. In his current role, Dax services many customer accounts, as well as beam purchasing and plate/sheet product buying. He collaborates with multiple mills and manages pricing on a variety of products. What he enjoys most about his role is the daily challenge, the constantly evolving nature of the job, and the opportunity to make meaningful decisions for the company.

“I find fulfillment in working with a diverse customer base and a remarkable team of colleagues who genuinely care for each other.”

Dax reflects on the significant changes he’s witnessed at Infra-Metals. The company has become more informed and agile in sales, instilling greater confidence in what they sell. He attributes this transformation to Infra-Metals’ commitment to empowering its employees with knowledge.

Looking to the future, Dax’s aspirations lie in being the best employee he can be. Whether in a leadership role or not, he aims to lead by example, work hard, and serve as a mentor and cheerleader to help others be the best version of themselves. For him, the title is unimportant; it’s about making a meaningful impact.


Outside of work, Dax enjoys a range of hobbies, from running, Peloton, and golf to kayaking, fishing, and tubing. He’s also an acoustic guitar enthusiast and an avid Ole’ Miss football fan.


“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Dax Barron’s journey from outside sales to becoming a Sales Representative at Infra-Metals is a testament to his relentless pursuit of growth, adaptability, and his commitment to a company that values its people. Congratulations Dax!

Patrick Sarsfield – Account Representative

Patrick Sarsfield is an Account Representative in Tampa, FL.

patricksarsfieldPatrick Sarsfield’s life and career have been a fascinating journey, marked by dedication, service, and a deep commitment to his work at Infra-Metals. With over 25 years of experience, Patrick has made an indelible mark to the success and growth of the company.

Patrick’s journey began in April 1998 when he joined the Infra-Metals team in a sales role. His employment history reflects his unwavering dedication, a trait perhaps rooted in being the youngest of eight siblings. Before stepping into the world of sales, he embarked on a different path, serving in the Marine Corps for seven years from 1990 to 1997. In the Marine Corps, Patrick served in notable military operations, including Desert Storm and Somalia, where he held the role of Platoon Sergeant with a focus on radio communications. The experiences in these critical operations not only honed his leadership skills but also instilled a deep sense of discipline and adaptability, qualities that would serve him well in his future endeavors.

Upon leaving the military, Patrick’s transition to the civilian workforce was not without challenges. After working as a delivery driver for a beer distribution company, he decided to seek better opportunities and turned to a temp agency for guidance. Recognizing his potential, the agency suggested he would excel in sales. It was at this point that his journey at Infra-Metals began.

Career Growth

Today, Patrick serves as an Account Representative and Product Manager at Infra-Metals Tampa. His role involves assisting with the purchasing of beams and plates, and he plays a vital role in supporting the sales manager and general manager. His responsibilities include reviewing current inventory levels, catering to his customer base and serving as a backup to some of the sales manager’s duties when absent. Patrick enjoys the daily challenges and the opportunity to mentor new team members, believing that his Marine Corps background, which emphasized helping others succeed, greatly benefits him in this role.

“The Marine Corps always trained you to help somebody do your job.”

He also relishes the thrill of landing large quotes, and building strong relationships with customers and coworkers. The synergy between team members is crucial at Infra-Metals, and Patrick understands the importance of passing the torch when the time comes.

“I enjoy playing the game!”

He sees his future at the company as a way to maintain Infra-Metals’ competitiveness and continue the strong legacy. Over the years, Patrick has witnessed significant changes within the company, primarily in terms of communication and technology. The company’s locations have become more interconnected, allowing for more effective cross-selling and better coordination. Technological advancements have streamlined operations, making material handling more efficient and eliminating manual processes.

Patrick Sarsfield’s journey through Infra-Metals is one of service, dedication, and adaptability. His military background has undoubtedly influenced his approach to work and his desire to pass on his knowledge and experience. As he looks to the future, Patrick is committed to keeping Infra-Metals competitive and thriving, ensuring the torch of success continues to burn bright.


Outside of work, Patrick has diverse hobbies that reflect his interests and personality. He is an avid coin collector and enjoys spending time at the firing range, displaying his love for firearms.


“It’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice” John Templeton


Lazaro Rodriguez – Safety Supervisor

Lazaro Rodriguez is the Safety Supervisor in Atlanta, GA.

LazaroRodriguezLazaro Rodriguez, a seasoned electrician with twelve years of experience in the field, embarked on a significant journey in his career when he relocated from Miami to Georgia. In June of 2017, he seized a promising opportunity as a maintenance technician, a transition facilitated by a close friend already employed at the Atlanta Division. Lazaro’s dedication and expertise in the electrical trade laid a solid foundation for his continued success in his new role as a maintenance technician.

His responsibilities encompassed a wide array of tasks, including welding, troubleshooting complex machinery, and performing preventative maintenance on various equipment, such as the Kinetics and crane drives.

“My ability to speak Spanish proved invaluable, enabling effective communication with my warehouse guys.”

Notably, Lazaro’s hands-on approach extended to trailer mechanics, where he worked on axles, brakes, and even fabricated headboards and decking. This period of his career was marked by continuous learning and adaptability as he ventured into new territories, taking on challenges one day at a time.

Career Growth

In January 2023, Lazaro’s journey within Infra-Metals took an exciting turn as he assumed the role of Safety Supervisor. This transition reflects his commitment to ensuring the well-being of his colleagues. In his current role, Lazaro is responsible for enforcing safety policies and procedures, conducting Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for all personnel, and providing essential training in procedures and the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE). His dedication extends to all members of the organization, including office personnel, and involves meticulous record-keeping to ensure compliance with audit requirements.

“I enjoy the opportunity to instill a culture of safety throughout the organization.”

Lazaro’s dedication to safety extends beyond the workplace, as he oversees chain inspections, fire extinguisher checks, and contractor paperwork for onsite work. His role also involves facility inspections, ladder and rack assessments, all guided by the Golden Safety Rules per RSAC. He plays a pivotal role in the training of new hires, working closely with a team of seven trainers and evaluating temporary employees, further emphasizing his commitment to the company’s safety culture.

What Lazaro enjoys most about his current role is the opportunity to instill a culture of safety throughout the organization. He values the importance of constant vigilance and communication in preventing accidents and believes in stopping and correcting issues before they escalate. His ability to relate to his colleagues and effectively communicate with them on safety matters has made him a trusted and respected figure within the company.


In his spare time, Lazaro enjoys assistant coaching football, soccer and wrestling for Paulding County, GA.


“Watch your thoughts, They become your words. Watch your words, They become your actions. Watch your actions, Because that becomes your character. And watch your character because, That becomes your destiny.” – Lao Tzu

Looking ahead, Lazaro aspires to continue growing with the company, aiming for higher positions and greater responsibilities. Congratulations Lazaro on your journey with Infra-Metals!