650 Ton 20’ press brake, Max throat depth 49.5”

1400 Ton 40’ press brake, Max throat depth 24”

1000 Ton 60’ press brake, Max throat depth 54”

2000 Ton 60’ press brake, Max throat depth 54”

2200 Ton 60’ press brake, Max throat depth 63”

Shapes Formed by Plate Forming

The most common shapes formed by our press brakes are “U,” “V,” “W,” or “Z” and channel. We are capable of servicing steel to your desired shape for different applications, and we work with various metal grades.

Common Applications And Industries

Infra-Metals have served numerous industries and catered to various applications. Our diverse range of clients across all regions in the United States trust us because of our dedication to high-quality and precise metalwork. These industries include the following:

  • Manufacturing: Structural needs, including industrial-grade platforms, ladders, handrails, and similar structures.
  • Construction: Buildings, bridges, warehouses, and facilities in rural and urban settings.
  • Energy: Transmission towers, alternative energy sources, and oil and gas pipelines.
    Oil and Gas: Oil and gas pipelines and offshore platforms.
  • Mining: Mining equipment, including lifts, conveyors, and conveyor belts.
    Ship construction: Oil rigs, ship parts and components, and offshore construction.
  • Aerospace: Aircraft components, structural elements, bezels, and chassis

Steel Plate Forming Services From Infra-Metals

Since 1990, Infra-Metals has been one of the most trusted service centers for structural steel applications in the United States. As a part of the Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. family, we are part of a consolidated network that performs streamlined operations and quality metalwork with fast turnaround rates.

Our decades of knowledge and experience guarantee high-end services for reasonable prices. In addition, our range of capabilities can perform the services you need when you need them.
For your steel plate forming services, trust Infra-Metals. Contact us today and request a quote.

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