Joey Alberico is the Assistant Traffic Manager in Petersburg, VA.

Steel service centers cannot function without good people and there is one individual whose career trajectory has soared to great heights. Meet Joey Alberico, a seasoned professional whose journey from the role of a Crane Operator to the position of Assistant Traffic Manager is a testament to his unwavering dedication and pursuit of excellence.

Starting as a Crane Operator in April 2007, he entered a domain where the clang of metal and the hum of machinery were the orchestral backdrop to his career.

From the very beginning, Joey demonstrated a remarkable ability to learn and adapt. Having no prior experience in steel or operating an overhead crane, he immersed himself in the world of veteran operators. Through observation and hands-on learning, he quickly evolved from a novice to a proficient crane operator within a month.

His early roles included a stint as Leadman from April 2010 to April 2012, where he not only operated the crane but also assumed the role of Assistant Supervisor. Responsibilities expanded to include learning the intricacies of a new software system and filling in wherever his fellow employees were out of the office.

Joey’s journey took a managerial turn in April 2012 when he embraced the position of Shift Supervisor. Managing 10-15 people per shift, he navigated the challenges of rotating shifts every three months, overseeing inbound and outbound processes, and ensuring a smooth workflow. The rotation, according to Joey, brought a fresh perspective to the job, keeping tasks dynamic and engaging.

Career Growth

July 2018 marked a pivotal moment in Joey’s career as he assumed the role of Assistant Traffic Manager. Intrigued by the prospect of a new challenge, he applied for the opening, propelling himself into a realm that demanded a deep understanding of the company’s operations. Joey had to learn the traffic side of the computer system, delve into DOT regulations, and become adept at negotiating competitive freight rates and carriers. His responsibilities extended to queuing loads and collaborating with the Sales and Processing Managers.

Reflecting on his 16+ years at Infra Metals, Joey acknowledged the transformative changes he witnessed.

“The emphasis on safety, then and now, was like night and day.”

The company’s commitment to employee engagement and feedback, robust training programs, and a boost in morale showcased a progressive evolution. In his current role, Joey enjoys the relief from physical stress, relishing the daily challenges that make his job dynamic. Collaborating with various departments, assisting in driver interviews, managing DOT folders, and monitoring the GEO Tabs, he finds fulfillment in the multifaceted nature of his responsibilities.

Joey’s aspirations align with his commitment to Infra Metals, envisioning it as the place he will retire from. His eyes are set on a position in management, reflecting his ambition to contribute to the company’s growth and success.


Outside of the steel realm, Joey finds joy in coaching his son’s baseball team and cheering for his daughter’s softball endeavors. Family time, a precious commodity, is spent with his daughter and two sons, fostering a bond that mirrors the camaraderie he values at work.


“If it’s something I can’t control, don’t let it bother you.”