Hi-Def Plasma

Cut plate up to 3″ in thickness
Beveling up to 45 degrees in ¼”through 2” thick plate. Bevel types are A, V, Y, X and K and can be cut on complex profiles, both outside and inside contours.

Depending on the location we can accommodate plates up to 22’ x 87’ or 10’ x 80’
We use Primecut, Sigmanest and AutoCAD software

Oxy Fuel Plate Burning

Utilizing oxygen and propylene this process can cut through plate several inches thick. Driven by CNC (Computer Numerical Control) part programs it can produce shapes made to specific dimensions. Oxy-fuel is usually used to cut thicker material. Hi-def plasma gives a tighter tolerance and smoother cut and oxy-fuel burned material usually needs edge grinding as a secondary operation to finish the processing.

Burn up to 6” thick with up to 8 torches.
Can accommodate plates up to 10′ X 80′

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