Josh Parrott is the Safety Supervisor in Tampa, FL.

As the Safety Supervisor at Infra-Metals Tampa, his advancement from a Torch Cutter to Safety Supervisor has been swift but well earned. Meet Infra-Metals veteran, Josh Parrott, whose journey from a temporary position to a vital role within the company spans over nine years of unwavering dedication and continuous growth. But his journey to Infra-Metals was not a solitary one. It was a tale of relocation, driven by a desire to embrace warmer climates and new opportunities. Leaving behind the cold winters of Syracuse, NY, he and his family embarked on a quest for a brighter future, guided by the promise of growth.

His journey commenced in June 2015, marked by a temporary role that would soon blossom into a long-term commitment. Transitioning swiftly, he assumed the position of a Second Shift Burn Operator, holding the position from July 2015 to September 2016. Under his watchful eye, he mastered the intricacies of the burning machine, shaping raw metal into finished pieces ready for customer deliveries.

September 2016 marked a pivotal shift as he ascended to the role of First Shift Burn Operator, a position he held until January 2023. Here, amidst the sparks and smoke, he donned many hats – from saw operator to camber expert, from burning aficionado to nesting software guru. As a backup to the CAD programmer and other processing operators, he stood at the forefront of innovation, embracing new technologies and methodologies.

His training experience at Infra-Metals was transformative. As he navigated the nuances of the company’s operations, he embraced a new safety culture, where vigilance and caution were paramount. Equipped with his innate knowledge of running the processing machines, he delved into the intricacies of the ERP system, honing his skills to meet the company’s evolving needs.

Career Growth

In January 2023 he accept the position of Safety Supervisor and his skillset extends far beyond the confines of machinery and technology. As a mentor and guardian of safety, he walks the corridors of Infra-Metals with purpose and pride. From conducting toolbox talks and managing employee safety files, his purpose is to ensure that each worker returns home safe and sound.

“I do a lot of scanning…but it’s worth it!”

With each passing day, he takes aim at new challenges, embracing them with the same courage and determination that define his journey. What he enjoys most about his current role is the opportunity to engage with his colleagues, to witness the spark of understanding in their eyes as they grasp new concepts and techniques.

“For me, there’s no greater joy than seeing others succeed and knowing that I played a part in their journey.”

Reflecting on his time at Infra Metals, he marvels at the company’s commitment to safety and growth. Together, they strive to raise the bar, to set new standards of excellence in the steel industry. As he looks to the future, his aspirations are simple yet profound – to support his family, to grow within the company, and to become the best version of himself.


When the workday ends, he finds solace and joy in the simple pleasures of life – kayak fishing, beach outings, and cherished moments with his family.


“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

Today, as we honor this remarkable individual, we celebrate not just his professional achievements, but the indomitable spirit that propels him forward. Congratulations Josh!