Dax Barron is an Account Representative in Atlanta, GA.

Dax’s journey to Infra-Metals began while he was in college, working for Morton Buildings. Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from the prestigious University of Mississippi, Dax embarked on a career in sales. However, his story is not just about a career; it’s about a relentless pursuit of excellence and continuous self-improvement. Through a serendipitous connection, he joined O’Neil Steel, where he initially worked in inside sales. However, his true calling was in outside sales, leading him to Kloeckner Metals Corp. where he learned the importance of building relationships with customers and incorporated innovative tools like LinkedIn to expand that business.

In 2007, he seized the opportunity to work with IMS/GA Steel, driven by the promise of a more significant sales territory and greater growth potential. He joined the company in the summer as an outside sales representative, but his path took a twist in February 2015 when he transitioned to the role of an inside sales Account Representative. Infra-Metals took on the managerial responsibilities of IMS/GA Steel at that time and Dax set his sights on this new opportunity. His motivation was clear – he wanted to leave the open road behind and work from the office, focusing on building business and increasing margins. Dax believed that his inside role would make him even more valuable to the company.

With Infra-Metals now leading the company, Dax learned the new culture and sales methodologies through extensive training. As he reflects on this time, he feels grateful for the opportunity he had to build a strong bond with his fellow colleagues. He accepted the challenge and thrived, but it wasn’t without long hours and sacrifice.

“There were times we wanted to throw things at each other, however we kept the local bars and liquor stores in business.”

Career Growth

Dax’s tenure at Infra-Metals spans an impressive 16 years. In his current role, Dax services many customer accounts, as well as beam purchasing and plate/sheet product buying. He collaborates with multiple mills and manages pricing on a variety of products. What he enjoys most about his role is the daily challenge, the constantly evolving nature of the job, and the opportunity to make meaningful decisions for the company.

“I find fulfillment in working with a diverse customer base and a remarkable team of colleagues who genuinely care for each other.”

Dax reflects on the significant changes he’s witnessed at Infra-Metals. The company has become more informed and agile in sales, instilling greater confidence in what they sell. He attributes this transformation to Infra-Metals’ commitment to empowering its employees with knowledge.

Looking to the future, Dax’s aspirations lie in being the best employee he can be. Whether in a leadership role or not, he aims to lead by example, work hard, and serve as a mentor and cheerleader to help others be the best version of themselves. For him, the title is unimportant; it’s about making a meaningful impact.


Outside of work, Dax enjoys a range of hobbies, from running, Peloton, and golf to kayaking, fishing, and tubing. He’s also an acoustic guitar enthusiast and an avid Ole’ Miss football fan.


“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Dax Barron’s journey from outside sales to becoming a Sales Representative at Infra-Metals is a testament to his relentless pursuit of growth, adaptability, and his commitment to a company that values its people. Congratulations Dax!