Johnathon Monteau is a Shift Supervisor in Petersburg, VA.

Johnathon Monteau’s career at Infra-Metals is a testament to adaptability and the power of continuous learning.  Born in Northern NY, Johnathon’s journey first led him to Florida where his uncle’s temp agency opened doors for him. His career kicked off as a temp, sorting mini mill bar products back in 2012 in the Tampa, FL location. Shapes and grades became his language, colors his guide. But it was the crane that captured his attention, and not long after he was offered a permanent role.

“It took me longer to learn the crane than it did to load trucks with all the stops,” he recalls. But persistence paid off.

After spending just two years in the sunshine state as a 3rd shift crane operator, he moved to Petersburg where he’d work on 2nd shift as a crane operator. During his time in Virginia, Johnathon met his future wife and they decided to move back to New Jersey and start building a life.

There he spent time briefly working for Metals USA, a sister company within the Reliance, Inc. family of companies. A short six months later they packed up they things in December of 2018 and headed back to Petersburg. Johnathon’s story reminds us that every role, every challenge, every move contributes to our journey.

Career Growth

January 2023 marked a turning point. Johnathon stepped into the role of Shift Supervisor. Now, he oversees everything on shift. Inbound deliveries, outbound trucks, and a team of dedicated employees—all part of his daily business.

“There are a whole lot of moving parts coming together and that’s what I enjoy.”

Safety is paramount—toolbox talks, pre-shift meetings—a daily ritual to ensure smooth and safe operations. Infra-Metals has transformed since he started. Personal growth, capital investments, and professional evolution—the company thrives. Johnathon’s aspirations? To continue building the team, fostering growth and perhaps, one day, the position of Operations Manager.

“I enjoy the camaraderie with my crew and the satisfaction of teaching new staff how to do things.”


Outside the warehouse, Johnathon’s hands craft furniture and other woodworking projects that cater to his passions. Equally as moving are his love of cars and turning wrenches as he spends time overhauling and rebuilding cars.

Congratulations Johnathon! Together we embrace the journey ahead!