Ken Crespi Jr. is the Traffic Manager in Atlanta, GA.

Ken Crespi Jr.

Ken’s career with Infra-Metals spans several decades and locations. He began working for Infra-Metals Wallingford in 1994 as the traffic manager. He was referred by his father, whom had been the long time credit manager at that facility. As the 90’s rolled on, business began adopting more network computer systems and the company was in need of someone to handle this new growth. In 1999 Ken was offered the position of IT Manager. At the time it was a brand new position for the company and he was left in charge to develop the roadmap for the solutions throughout the office and warehouse. He taught himself networking and implemented a peer-to-peer workgroup and email.

Career Growth

After spending four years in IT, he took on the opportunity as Credit Manager in 2003, taking after his father whom had retired several years prior. Ken was looking for more responsibility and was eager to learn something new. After six years as credit manager he looked again to what the company’s needs were and decided to that he enjoyed working in operations more and took another role as Processing Manager in 2009. Ken was in charge of scheduling work for much of the processing machinery in the warehouse, a role that brought him back to the production side of the business.

“I liked collaborating with the traffic department to fulfill orders. It was something I already had experience in.”

Eventually another opportunity opened up and this time it would take him and his family to a warmer climate. No more Nor’easters! He accepted the position as Traffic Manager at the Atlanta, GA. facility. Since the early days when the company was more decentralized, Ken has seen the Infra-Metals group come together and work towards more common goals.

“Because of the centralization and collaboration between the locations we have become a much stronger company.”

In his current evolution as traffic manager, Ken conducts daily discussion with drivers, many times covering safety concerns and best practices. The company has grown in his eyes and it now employs a positive environment for open communication.

“Infra-Metals is a place you can retire from.”


Ken has always enjoyed sports and in his spare time he likes playing softball, handball and soccer.


Thank you Ken for your many years with Infra-Metals!