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Christian Stone – Safety Supervisor

Christian Stone is the Safety Supervisor in New Boston, OH.

Christian Stone, a resilient and dedicated individual, embarked on a remarkable journey within the walls of Infra-Metals. His story is one of perseverance, growth, and unwavering commitment to safety.

Christian’s path began with humble origins. Armed with a vocation in masonry, he joined Infra-Metals as a part-time clean-up crew member in February of 2018. The dusty floors and scattered debris were his canvas, and he worked diligently to keep the workspace organized and hazard-free.

Christian’s dedication caught the eye of an operations manager who had connections. This fortuitous encounter led to an offer: full-time employment as a crane operator. Christian seized the opportunity and transitioned from within only a month of working at the facility. His training spanned several months under the guidance of seasoned operators, learning the workflow and adapting to the new environment. The computer system became his ally when he stepped into the role of second-shift leadman in August of 2020.

“Infra-Metals isn’t just a workplace; it is a community.”

As the years passed, Christian’s passion for safety grew. He became a shift supervisor in March of 2021, managing the success of the team, making sure loads were ready for delivery, all while ensuring his team went home at the end of the shift unscathed. His hands-on approach allowed him to connect with the warehouse crew, fostering a culture of vigilance. Christian’s eyes were always scanning for innovative ways to enhance safety measures.

Career Growth

Infra-Metals transformed during Christian’s tenure. Efficiency became the heartbeat of the company, beating in sync with countless safety procedures. Investments poured into state-of-the-art machines and forklifts, a testament to the commitment towards progress. Christian’s aspirations knew no bounds. Personal advancement fueled his fire and in May of 2024 he became the newly appointed Safety Supervisor. With that, Christian continues to inspire others, proving that dreams, when pursued relentlessly, can indeed become reality.

“I still get to make an impact with the guys on the floor”

In his role, Christian conducts hands-on safety training, toolbox talks and all the documentation for the warehouse regarding safety protocols. “I like being involved with the warehouse.”

Never settling, he envisions himself climbing higher within the company. “I want to go into Sales at some point”


Outside work, Christian found solace in golf. Almost every evening, he’d swing his clubs, the green fairways offering a respite from the clang of metal. And when the season allowed, he’d venture into the wild, hunting coyotes, turkeys, pheasants, and quails—a primal connection to nature.

Christian Stone’s journey exemplifies the spirit of a career climber. From sweeping floors to safeguarding lives, he continues to grow alongside the company.


“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Congratulations Christian on your rise through Infra-Metals! Your story serves as a reminder that each day presents an opportunity to ascend, acquire knowledge, and create a lasting impact. We look forward to great things together!