Josh Kozlowski is the Traffic Manager in Wallingford, CT.

Josh KozlowskiJosh, originally a Milwaukee native, moved to Connecticut when he turned 21. He began his career in the steel industry by working for a metal processor specializing in stamping. Josh gained valuable shop experience running one of the presses and eventually made his way into quality control. Eager to continue moving up within the organization, he quickly realized that there wasn’t a lot of opportunity for growth and decided to part ways and found his way to Infra-Metals through a referral. After interviewing, he began training with a class of 15 warehouse trainees in 2002. At the conclusion of his roughly three week training period, Josh began working as a 3rd shift crane operator. After a year in that role he became the 3rd shift loader. One year, in 2004, he moved up to shift supervisor where he’d spend the next 5 years.

Career Growth

In 2009 Josh took an opportunity to work in the traffic department as First Shift Traffic Coordinator. This ultimately would end up closely mirroring many of his current tasks and was an excellent preparatory position for what was to come. On the daily he would coordinate deliveries between sales and operations, building and scheduling loads all while paying attention to weight, trailer length and delivery geography. Traffic is the one department that has its hands in everything and every day poses its own unique challenges.

“Working as a team across all functional departments is key. We’re only successful together.”

Twenty one years later, Josh is now the Traffic Manager for Wallingford, CT. Josh enjoys the challenge everyday and not knowing what is going to pop up. He is responsible for the driver staff, managing carrier rates, scheduling truck and trailer maintenance and many other tasks.

“You never know what opportunities could be coming down the road. This company provides outside of the box opportunities.”

Over the last two decades Josh notes all of the growth that both the Wallingford facility and Infra-Metals overall has enjoyed. There have been many expansions, investments in new equipment and the implementation of key safety measures and personnel.

“The emphasis on Safety has been astounding compared to when I first started.”


Being from Wisconsin automatically makes Josh a Greenbay Packers fan. He really enjoys watching sports and supporting his team.


“Always put your best effort in everything you do.”

Congratulations Josh! You have been an integral part of the team and the success of the Wallingford, CT facility!