Jessie Wiley is the Processing Coordinator for New Boston, OH.

Jessie worked in steel prior to arriving at Infra-Metals New Boston. He came to us with experience in operating overhead cranes, loading and unloading trucks and some production skills. In 2016 Jessie acted on a referral from a fellow friend and current employee of New Boston. His prior experience allowed him to hit the ground running, as a 3rd shift crane operator, with little training required other than learning the different steel shapes and how to load the jigsaw puzzle loads we ship.

“When I started loading trucks it was totally different that what I was used to and had to start from scratch.”

He never dealt with plate and beams before, let alone putting both of them on trucks for delivery. In the Spring of 2018 he was promoted to 3rd shift supervisor and almost every year after that he would move up shifts, finally landing on as 1st shift supervisor in August of 2020.

Career Growth

“I don’t want to be stagnant in any position. I look forward to working my way into an operations manager position at some point in my career.”

With this drive in mind, an opportunity opened up for processing coordinator in August of 2021. Jessie was reluctant at first because he’d never had an office position before.

“I asked for a couple of weeks to mull it over and came back and said I’d take on the role.”

This new job allowed Jessie to take on more responsibility both in managing the t-split line, camber and saws as well as getting the work orders out to the shop and queuing up the programs to run the saws.

“I really enjoy this role because I can still be part of the warehouse team.”


In his free time, Jessie enjoys playing golf, movies and spending time with his family.


“Every champion was once a contender that didn’t give up.”

Congratulations Jessie and thank you for your contribution to our team!