Anthony Forino is the Processing Supervisor for Marseilles, IL.

Anthony “Tony” Forino has been a veteran of the Marseilles, IL facility for over 18 years. He came to Infra-Metals in 2004, already experienced in CNC machine and fork truck operation from his previous employer. His parents lived near a barge terminal and heard about the company and decided to reach out to the operations manager at the time. For the next few years Tony operated the burning oxy, plasma, camber and saw machines. Training in those early days was peer-to-peer and thus he worked closely with other shift supervisors to learn the ropes. It is of notable mention that Tony holds the record in Marseilles for the most beams cambered in one evening at 76. Anyone is up for taking on that challenge!

Career Growth at Infra-Metals

In 2006 Tony moved on to First Shift Crane Operator, where most of the inbound and offloading occurs. Shortly after Tony was then promoted to second shift supervisor in 2007 where he would remain for the next 7 years. Working as shift supervisor, you are the go-to expert for all of the personnel working that particular shift. It is a fast pace environment because 2nd shift is preparing picks and processing to be completed and loaded for that evening and next day deliveries.

“The role can be challenging as customer needs or requirements change daily so you never know what you’re going to run into each day.”  

In 2014, Tony made another career move and was promoted to Processing Supervisor.

Current Day-to-day as Processing Supervisor

The role of processing supervisor poses it’s own set of challenges. Customers still have new daily requirements and the processing department has to be agile enough to compensate for these demands. He works to schedule all of the work for the 3 shifts that goes through the blaster, cambering, saw, and t-splitter machines as well as all of the consumables needed to keep them running. Additionally, Tony works closely with the Sales department and coordinates with the Traffic department to ensure on-time delivery of quality work for our customers.

Tony notes that working at Infra-Metals has been a journey and a rewarding one with a positive culture and an emphasis on safety.

“The company treats it employees great and I plan on being here another 20 years.” 

Tony even has family working with us with a cousin and his cousin’s father. Having been with us for so many years, Tony has seen a lot and laughed a lot with his fellow co-workers. One story he remembers well was when he was on second shift and a raccoon got its head stuck in a peanut butter jar. He watched as Dean Fox (Maintenance) was whacking it with a board trying to get the vermin out of the warehouse, laughing hysterically at Dean. Eventually the raccoon jumped into the barge slip to escape Dean’s “Hacksaw Jim Duggan” rant.


Tony is a family oriented man and enjoys spending time with them boating, waterskiing and fishing.


“Theres no stupid question. If you’re unsure just ask!”