Alex Wamsley is currently a Sale Representative in our New Boston, OH facility. He has been with Infra-Metals since November of 2014. Alex found Infra-Metals through word of mouth while working for a funeral services company. Alex jokes that he was looking for a more “lively” work experience. When he came to us he didn’t have any prior work experience in steel or distribution. Alex accepted a position as Crane Operator, in what was then a relatively new service center to Infra-Metals. Training was conducted through hands on experience with peers and he excelled at his job. He was happy slinging the chains for a little over a year when a warehouse supervisor position became available.

In 2015 he became 2nd Shift Supervisor. It was a natural fit for Alex because he was already very familiar with operations and training was done through working closely with the Operations Manager and other Supervisors. Being responsible for more people now gave him an opportunity to lead by example which he has done well at. Always looking forward, Alex seized the opportunity to take a hand in sales in 2018.

Career Growth at Infra-Metals

Alex feels that the ability to get better as a group is very rewarding and enjoys the journey so far. The entire workforce at New Boston has  matured collectively and as as result they have gotten more efficient and productive as a service center. Community feedback and suggestions have improved the company. Engaging in conversations at all levels including upper management has been essential because they listen to feedback/suggestions and implement solutions for the greater good.

Alex notes that sales training was straight forward since was already familiar with the software in his prior role as Supervisor. Being a Sales Representative gives you a chance to build a business of your own by building accounts. He worked closely with the sales staff to understand the day to day commercial business along with in house training from senior sales staff.

Fun Fact

“I dug graves as a summer job before coming to Infra-Metals.”

Current Day-To-Day

The fast pace in the commercial environment is what Alex really enjoys. No day is ever the same. “You never know what you’re coming in to”. He notes how proud he is of New Boston because of how much throughput the warehouse team is able to achieve. Alex enjoys the thrill of selling in a commodity based market and appreciates the tight knit community feeling his colleagues and customers provide. “I’ve developed great friendships with everyone.”