Matt Haun is a Sales Representative for Marseilles, IL.

Matt had graduated from St. Ambrose University in 2014 and began working for a government organization that operated a landfill in Iowa. He was an excavator operator in charge of sorting recyclable materials and waste around the work site.

“One of the cool things about the site was that there was a gas filtration system underground that would suck the methane out of the decomposing trash. This would go through a super chiller that turned the gas into a solid that we would sell to other facilities.” 

After a few years playing Tonka Trucks, Matt was looking to get back home to his family in Illinois. His cousin was already working for Infra-Metals Marseilles and told him he should come in for a job interview and in 2016 Matt began working as a crane operator on second shift. Training was fast paced and soon he was on his own working in Bay 1. Barely a year in, Matt transitioned into the plate processing department and worked a hybrid shift to cover second and third. This role lasted until around 2019 when he was promoted to second shift supervisor.

Career Growth

As a shift supervisor, you become the leader of the group and help your team reach daily, monthly and even annual goals. Matt’s group was part of that team that helped mark the Central Division’s first group accomplishment of 365 days safe and had a record shipping day of 18 loads filled in a single 8 hour shift. All of the hard work paid off when Matt went after an open sales representative role in September of 2021.

“I like serving our customers with the steel they need. We are the steel experts and can offer a better understanding of the market and help advise them with their purchases.”

Matt notes several things he really enjoys about his role on the commercial side of the business that is different from operations.

“I like when I get something outside the box. Something that isn’t simple that I can figure out how to help the customer. It’s fun finding unique ways to service the accounts’ needs like collaborated solutions with specialized equipment and vendor relationships to deliver customized solutions.”

Looking forward Matt is concentrating on being focused on his new role. He aims to be the best he can and continue to grow commercially.

“As long as your eyes are open there is opportunity here at Infra.”


Matt enjoys freshwater fishing in Minnesota, specifically the Nisswa area. He also likes nature hiking.


“Work hard. Go big or go home.”

Congratulations Matt on your journey with Infra-Metals! We’re glad we have you on our team!