Greg Borchardt is Vice President of Operations for Infra-Metals / Delta Steel.

Greg, a graduate of Texas A&I University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and a BBA in Business Management, began his steel career for a steel mill in Houston, Texas in 1989 as a Production Scheduler.  In 1993, he took a job with Chaparral Steel in Midlothian Texas and they employed Greg as a distribution manager for the first part of his career. In 1999 Greg moved to Virginia to help build and operate the Virginia Mill.  He then transitioned into the production side of the business when he became the General Manager of Steel Production. Fast-forward to 2009 after the historic purchase of the mill  by Gerdau North America and 20 years working in steel mills, Greg looked to expand his career into other areas of the steel business.

After a lunch meeting with current leadership at Infra-Metals – Petersburg, Greg was offered a position as project manager in 2009.

“At the time I was in need of job and it was a blessing to have been given the opportunity to work for such a great company. What a great find!”

During this time, all of the Infra-Metals locations were migrating to a centralized software system that could enable greater visibility in product availability and production. Greg requested that he be allowed to train in all areas of the software, kind of a pseudo introduction to the service center business. This approach afforded Greg the education he needed to understand how Infra-Metals operated inter-departmentally.

Career Growth

Greg became the sales manager for Petersburg, VA in 2011. At the time, the group had many product managers and he served as central point of communication for the entire group of sales representatives, both inside and outside. After a short while as sales manager, Greg was promoted to general manager of Petersburg.

Over the years Greg notes “I’ve seen a change in mindset. We’ve graduated from just filling the trucks everyday to a more aligned mentality where employees truly care about each other. It’s a one for all and all for one way of thinking. The level of collaboration and cooperation is night and day from where we began.”

In 2019, Greg became the Vice President of Operations for Infra-Metals and Delta Steel. He is responsible for all of the staffing, safety, capital investments, maintenance, trucks and operations for all of the locations. He has witnessed significant growth over the past 14 years with us and we aren’t stopping. Since Greg began working with us we have added new locations, expanded existing warehouses and not only invested in tech and machinery but also made significant investments in our employees.

“I like seeing progress and having ideas that will make the company better and turning them into reality.  Most of the good ideas aren’t mine, but I’m in a position to talk to many different people at many different locations and I like being the voice for the many people and ideas around the company.

“This is the place I retire from. I want the next guy to be really bored because everything is in great shape.”


When Greg isn’t traveling around the country, visiting our facilities, he enjoys golfing with colleagues, friends, and his wife Shelly.  He also enjoys spending time with his now grown daughters Macy and Brittany.


“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed at some indefinite time in the future.” – George S. Patten

Congratulations Greg on your journey with Infra-Metals! We’re glad we have you on our team!