Randall Puente

Randall Puente is currently the Plate Processing Coordinator at Infra-Metals in Petersburg, VA. Originally from Houston, TX, Randall entered the steel industry with no prior experience working with steel. His father-in-law knew about a company that was looking for people in Atlanta where he spent the next four years welding and fitting. Eventually he was transferred to Virginia to work as a machine operator on a beam line for a local competitor before coming to Infra-Metals.

Randall’s career with us has spanned almost two decades. He started as a Crane Operator in 2003 and eventually moved into the processing department as a Saw Operator in 2005. Randall was determined to learn more and decided to further his career in processing steel by taking on new challenges in the department.

Career Growth at Infra-Metals

In 2007, Randall learned the skills necessary to become a plate burner utilizing the various machines Infra-Metals operates. The oxy fuel and plasma machines tested his knowledge and soon he became the Lead Burner at the facility in 2011. Lead Burners bear the responsibility of being subject matter experts and so it requires him to also mentor his peers to ensure we produce the quality processed plates that meet the Infra-Metals standard. In early 2021, Randall was named the Plate Processing Coordinator for Petersburg.

“I enjoy the diverse work environment and the opportunity to engage with Sales and Production and contributing to the commercial team.”

Current Day-to-Day as Plate Processing Coordinator

Randall is responsible for programming, scheduling and sending the CNC files to the machines in our plate processing department. His knowledge and expertise give us the advantage where we utilize plates available to produce the least amount of scrap per the customer’s requirements. Randall assists the Sales Department read drawings, validate them for accuracy and offers help quoting the project. “Often times the dimensions and/or radius doesn’t work or the drawings are missing information so I have to evaluate the situation and work with Sales to get project files corrected.” Additionally he reviews the drawings to ensure everything works between processing centers as well such as oxy/plasma work before press brake work. Randall enjoys learning and working with the new machinery Infra-Metals has invested in and looks to expand his education and knowledge as we continue to grow.

In his spare time, Randall can be found working on his cars. He has a passion for car customization and has been active in the low rider scene for many years. “I look forward to weekends with my family and friends cruising the car around.”

Randall has been an integral component to the success of the processing department in Petersburg, VA. and we look forward to his future with Infra-Metals!