Lazaro Rodriguez is the Safety Supervisor in Atlanta, GA.

LazaroRodriguezLazaro Rodriguez, a seasoned electrician with twelve years of experience in the field, embarked on a significant journey in his career when he relocated from Miami to Georgia. In June of 2017, he seized a promising opportunity as a maintenance technician, a transition facilitated by a close friend already employed at the Atlanta Division. Lazaro’s dedication and expertise in the electrical trade laid a solid foundation for his continued success in his new role as a maintenance technician.

His responsibilities encompassed a wide array of tasks, including welding, troubleshooting complex machinery, and performing preventative maintenance on various equipment, such as the Kinetics and crane drives.

“My ability to speak Spanish proved invaluable, enabling effective communication with my warehouse guys.”

Notably, Lazaro’s hands-on approach extended to trailer mechanics, where he worked on axles, brakes, and even fabricated headboards and decking. This period of his career was marked by continuous learning and adaptability as he ventured into new territories, taking on challenges one day at a time.

Career Growth

In January 2023, Lazaro’s journey within Infra-Metals took an exciting turn as he assumed the role of Safety Supervisor. This transition reflects his commitment to ensuring the well-being of his colleagues. In his current role, Lazaro is responsible for enforcing safety policies and procedures, conducting Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for all personnel, and providing essential training in procedures and the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE). His dedication extends to all members of the organization, including office personnel, and involves meticulous record-keeping to ensure compliance with audit requirements.

“I enjoy the opportunity to instill a culture of safety throughout the organization.”

Lazaro’s dedication to safety extends beyond the workplace, as he oversees chain inspections, fire extinguisher checks, and contractor paperwork for onsite work. His role also involves facility inspections, ladder and rack assessments, all guided by the Golden Safety Rules per RSAC. He plays a pivotal role in the training of new hires, working closely with a team of seven trainers and evaluating temporary employees, further emphasizing his commitment to the company’s safety culture.

What Lazaro enjoys most about his current role is the opportunity to instill a culture of safety throughout the organization. He values the importance of constant vigilance and communication in preventing accidents and believes in stopping and correcting issues before they escalate. His ability to relate to his colleagues and effectively communicate with them on safety matters has made him a trusted and respected figure within the company.


In his spare time, Lazaro enjoys assistant coaching football, soccer and wrestling for Paulding County, GA.


“Watch your thoughts, They become your words. Watch your words, They become your actions. Watch your actions, Because that becomes your character. And watch your character because, That becomes your destiny.” – Lao Tzu

Looking ahead, Lazaro aspires to continue growing with the company, aiming for higher positions and greater responsibilities. Congratulations Lazaro on your journey with Infra-Metals!