Brian Marshall is the General Manager for New Boston, OH.

Formerly a realtor from New Boston, OH, Brian was always plugged in to things happening in his home town. He came across an article in the local newspaper that ultimately changed his career path and it’s trajectory from day one. Brian leveraged LinkedIn at the time and tracked down the current General Manager of New Boston, Oak Williams, to land an interview for a new sales position. Brian left behind his dream of opening up his own real estate company and started with Infra-Metals New Boston in June of 2013 and never looked back.

“It was clear early on that I made the right decision and found myself very blessed to be part of the Infra Family.”

The newly hired staff for New Boston spent the next 4-6 months training in Wallingford, CT. Everyone started by learning the business from an operations viewpoint moving forward and they participated in warehouse training by learning products and first stage processing.

We learned all of the components of what goes in to making a sale and the inputs that go in to delivering material to a customer.”

At Infra-Metals, our commercial training encompasses the entire picture from learning about the various products and processing equipment to ride-a-longs with drivers, crane and forklift operators and all the software that keeps production humming along. Learning the software system is extensive and training for it is very comprehensive. Account Representatives spend weeks using tools such as Command Center and Multing for practice entering pre-existing orders. Additionally they are also given prospecting tools to help them build their own book of business.

“Infra-Metals has a very entrepreneurial spirit to it’s culture.”

Career Growth at Infra-Metals

In 2018 the existing Sales Manager was promoted to General Manager and Brian saw yet another opportunity for growth and was promoted to Sales Manager. The New Boston plant found out they were in a very heavy processing area and their customers needed it. Brian and his staff, along with upper management, looked at re-tooling their processes to position the New Boston facility to capitalize on the markets demand for value-added first stage processing. They added two new automatic saws to boost capacity, two plasma machines for plate, and a press brake to name a few. Growing the business at New Boston continued for the next 4 years until yet another opportunity presented itself.

Current Day-to-day as General Manager

In June of 2022, Brian was named the General Manager of New Boston, OH. The role is new for Brian but for him it has really been all about the people and overseeing the business. Maintaining the legacy and culture left behind by the prior two GM’s and consistently reinforcing that message is Brian’s main focus. As the responsibilities have changed from Sales Manager to General Manager the goal remains the same , which is to promote a safety first and commercially successful business through positive and effective leadership across all levels.

“To achieve this everyone must align with our safety policies and procedures.”

This role affords Brian the ability to affect positive change on the people and business. He looks forward to nurturing new leaders in all positions within the facility and lend his experience wherever he can.


Brian’s daughter is active in travel volleyball and softball and that’s how they spend their vacations.

“I’m a father and that comes first. We have enjoyed traveling the country together and I cherish the memories that we have made through competitive sports.”


“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass“ – Paul J. Meyer