Amy Haney - Sales Manager Marseilles, IL

Amy Haney, Sales Manager for Infra-Metals Marseilles, IL

Amy Haney is currently the Sales Manager in our Marseilles, IL facility. Amy’s prior experience in the hospitality industry has enabled her to polish her approach towards customers’ and their needs. She dedicated her time and energy in that space for 8 years through college and after, working her way up the ranks to become the general manager. Amy was seeking new opportunities and after being referred by another employee, she began her career with Infra-Metals in 2008 as a Sales Representative.

Career Growth at Infra-Metals

Amy worked closely and was mentored by her then Sales Manager/General Manager for the next five or so years learning and servicing accounts until she was offered the additional responsibility of managing our Tubing Products. Managing the purchasing of tubing products helped Amy build confidence in herself while further diversifying her knowledge of those products and their real life applications. She spent her time reviewing current trends and forecasting for the future needs of the division. “Working for Infra-Metals is more than a job…I love the relationships I’ve developed with my team, customers and suppliers…their value is beyond measure.” She believes those relationships are the foundation for her success.

In 2018, Amy became the Sales Manager and still maintains her role as Product Manager. Amy has seen many changes and grown with Infra-Metals over the course of her 13 years. She participated in the centralization of the company, which has strengthened our position in the marketplace. Since Amy has been with Infra-Metals, there has been a positive culture shift with an emphasis towards its employees. This wellbeing effort has proven not only to foster a very healthy work environment, it creates high performing productive members of the team that want to show up for you.

Current Day-To-Day

Amy feels it’s important to lead by example and be of service. She wouldn’t ask anything of her staff that she wouldn’t personally do. She can regularly be found working one on one with her teammates, cultivating and professionally developing each of them. Her goal is to maintain the highest level of customer service while keeping her team motivated, engaged and on track. Every day is different and that brings new and exciting challenges. Working for Infra-Metals offers a dynamic environment that is fast paced with limitless possibilities.

“The ceiling is as high as you set it!”

Amy looks towards the future where she would like to be in upper management and help continue to cultivate a place where people want to work. She wants to further nurture the culture where people want to show up for you and feel fulfilled doing so. Working in the steel industry as a female comes with some challenges but by no means does she see it as a weakness. Amy notes the tremendous support she has garnered from her coworkers and peers and feels that her role has been very rewarding. In addition to her work responsibilities, Amy also enjoys spending time with her husband and children, planning family vacations. We should also mention she’s a foodie and loves to cook.

We are pleased to have such a valuable asset on our team!

Favorite Quote

“Progress not perfection.”

UPDATED as of 4/1/2022: At the time of writing this piece Amy was the Sales Manager of Marseilles. We are pleased to announce that Amy is now the General Manager for the Marseilles Division. Her responsibilities have grown exponentially and we couldn’t be prouder to highlight her rise to success. Congratulations Amy on your new role!