Josh Nesbitt is currently the Operations Manager at Infra-Metals in Atlanta, GA. Josh’s journey has covered several decades as well as company names. He began his career in 2000 as a Machine Operator when the company was known as Georgia Steel. Eventually Reliance Steel & Aluminum acquired Industrial Metal Supply and merged both companies to become IMS / Georgia Steel, which ultimately became a division of Infra-Metals in 2015.

Career Growth at Infra-Metals

Josh has held many roles in Atlanta, primarily focused on the processing side of the business. In 2006, he became the Processing Supervisor which was responsible for all plate processing and saw scheduling. He found his role challenging because of the diversity in machinery and the daily challenges of coordinating shipment and delivery schedules as well as managing personnel. CNC programming helped him gain additional experience, which made him a natural fit for the role given his knowledge as a plate burning operator. “Managing the differences between shifts was unexpected” due to the typical priorities between the shifts and yet it was Josh’s dynamic approach to the processing department that facilitated successfully the goal of prepping processed loads for on-time delivery.

Current Day-to-Day as Operations Manager

Josh is now responsible for the operations of the facility and it’s employees that work in the warehouse. He oversees all processing and production. With that in mind safety is the number one priority in our facilities and we want everyone to leave here the same way you showed up. “The safety of my employees is my number one concern.” Josh spearheaded the safety program in Atlanta. All jobs go through a JSA (Job Safety Analysis) followed up by a review of the job. We look for safety issues and explore ways to mitigate and eliminate them by incorporating JSO (Job Safety Observations). Everyday poses new challenges and Josh enjoys the pace, problem solving and order fulfillment processes all while running a safe environment for his employees.

Josh aspires to make the Atlanta division the best and most competitive location within the Infra-Metals family while nurturing the success of his employees. Starting his third decade with Infra-Metals, Josh continues looking for process improvement. “The safety of my employees are my #1 priority from the time I walk in that door.”