John Perez is the Maintenance Supervisor for the Tampa, FL division. He has been with Infra-Metals since September of 2008. During his time there, John has held several positions which has led him on a diverse journey with the company. When John arrived at Infra-Metals he was starting in a new industry and proved his ability to adapt and grow with the company.

Career Growth at Infra-Metals

John had moved from Puerto Rico to California where he began life in the States. At the time John had been working in a hospital as a Dispatcher when his company had transferred him to another Florida hospital. John was introduced to Infra-Metals through a family member and current employee in July of 2008. At that time John was brought on as a temporary worker in the Tampa warehouse. After several months John was offered the position of Crane Operator in September of 2008. John quickly moved into other positions within operations such as Loader and then CNC Operator.

Eventually the position of 3rd Shift Supervisor  became available and John decided to apply for the job. He had held that position for the next 5 years and demonstrated strong leadership qualities to both his team and the warehouse’s operations management. In 2019 he was able to apply for the position of warehouse Maintenance Supervisor. Because of John’s strong operations background and diverse skillset he is able to lend his expertise to his current role very effectively. John holds certifications as a Forklift Operator, Man-lift Operator, Dispatcher, CPR First Responder and Trainer. John also holds a CDL-A and is a trained programmer.

“If you want to grow, show initiative. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do. When you do something, do it better than what they expected you to do. Go above and beyond. And never be afraid to ask questions.”

A Funny Story

“It was my first day as a temp on the job. The Operations Manager came up to me and stepped on my boot to check and see if I had steel toe boots on.  I thought to myself, did he just step on my brand new, steel toe boots? At first, I thought, I’m not going to like it here, but instead, I really did!  And well, my Operations Manager saw something in me that I at the time didn’t see in myself. He was instrumental in my growth.”

Current Day-To-Day

In John’s current role he enjoys teaching others how to work safer and smarter. Since he is cross trained, he can jump in when we are short- handed and load trucks, drive the forklift, do programming, burn material or unload trucks. He maintains our equipment as well as the facility. When asked: What do you enjoy about your current role? John responds: “Everything in my position now; I get dirty; I fix equipment and when I’m needed somewhere else in the facility, I can jump in and help. No one day is ever the same. This job keeps me on my toes. It constantly provides challenges and allows me to use my knowledge along with my skills to trouble shoot.”