As of June 15, 2019, Infra-Metals New Boston has worked 365 days without a recordable injury.

That is no small feat…It has not gone unnoticed. I know we pride ourselves on not patting ourselves on the back, and just keeping our head down and doing the right thing, but I also know how important your leadership has been in getting us to this point. This didn’t happen because we have a great safety program, and it certainly didn’t happen because we have a great safety coordinator, it happened because you guys drove it home with your teams each and every day. It happened because you intervened when necessary, it happened because we changed how we did things to make them safer, it changed because we held each other accountable.

I appreciate the effort each and every one of you has put forth to insure our employees work safely every task, every time.

We celebrated with an all-plant cookout on June 21, 2019.

The next milestone for New Boston is 441 days (to beat our old record) and two years injury-free!