Cheryl Bryant is the Credit Manager for Petersburg, VA.

Cheryl was originally hired in 2015 as an Assistant Credit Manager based in our Home Office of Langhorne, PA. She is a well versed in the credit department and holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Management. Her primary role was to assist the daily tasks of the current credit manager. Cheryl would spend her time opening accounts, setting up terms and releasing orders. Additionally Cheryl enjoyed traveling to other locations such as Tampa to assist the local credit manager at the time.

Cheryl grew into her position, learning new skills from the veteran credit managers and becoming more versed in the system and it’s reporting capabilities. As Cheryl continued to cover other locations when a credit manager was out of the office, she began taking more ownership of the orders and making credit decisions.

“I take personal ownership when I release an order because I also have to ensure we get paid for it and collect it.”

As she assisted her fellow credit managers in Atlanta, Langhorne, Petersburg and Tampa, her knowledge of the business grew and she was prepared for the next step in her career.

Career Growth

In May 2021, Cheryl became the credit manager for Petersburg, VA. Transitioning into the credit manager role was rather seamless she explains.

“Now that I am onsite and in the office, I have more interaction with Sales on a daily basis.”

Many of her daily routine remained the same but she now has full ownership of her customer base and collections. Over the past seven years Cheryl has been part of company that has grown in many areas. She takes great personal pride in the Petersburg facility and her competitive spirit rises up at every month end review to see which division did the best in the group.

” I want to continue in a leadership role to positively affect change and make my facility the most competitive and fun environment.”


“Don’t worry, no order gets left behind.”


Cheryl enjoys reading John Grisham and Robin Cook novels and outdoor hiking.


Thank you Cheryl for your hard work and dedication to Team Infra!