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Drilling is the process of forming holes in steel and other materials utilizing a drill bit.  This can be achieved by using either carbide single point, carbide multipoint or high speed steel bits.  The material is cooled using coolant from a reservoir in the drilling machine.  This coolant also blows away the chips as they emerge from the hole ensuring a smooth finish.


Counterbore  – A counterbore is a flat bottomed hole that enlarges an existing hole.  It is typically used when a fastener is to be used on a workpiece, the head of which must be either flush with or below the surface of the workpiece.

Reaming – Reaming is a process that enlarges a pre-existing hole, usually drilled, utilizing a special reaming tool.  This ensures a closer tolerance hole than can be achieved by drilling alone.

Tapping – Tapping is a process that forms threads in a drilled or reamed hole, usually for screws or bolts.  The tool used for this process is called a tap.

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