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Blast & Prime

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Blasting and Priming is used to remove mill scale and rust from steel products by way of using a steel shot mixture that is blasted onto the surface of the material.  Infra-Metals uses a shot mixture of S280 and S230 mixed with grit.  This combination of shot media allows us to penetrate and effectively clean the steel down to white metal to prepare it for priming.  Priming is accomplished by painting the material with a primer with corrosion protection.  Infra-Metals uses International 937 primer which is suitable for cutting and welding.  The use of primer on steel helps to prevent oxidation and promotes preservation of the material.

Typical applications where blast and prime material is used are in the marine industry, highways, bridges and infra-structure, commercial construction and tank manufacturing.  Infra-Metals stocks a full line of ABS(American Bureau of Shipping) grade plates and shapes for servicing our customers in the maritime industry.


Infra-Metals’s Blast & Prime process can handle a variety of product sizes, widths and lengths.  We can shot blast and prime plates up to 144″ wide and 75 feet long.  We can also shot blast and prime any structural shape including angles, beams, channels, pipe and tubing up to 144″ wide and 17″ high.  If your project requires, we are capable of blasting and priming one side only or both as necessary.

We also have sufficient office space to accommodate state DOT inspectors when pre-blasting material for bridge construction.

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