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ASTM Standard A572

ASTM A572 Structural Steel

Infra-Metals is one of the largest providers of structural beams, angles, channels and more. Our company produces the industry’s best quality steel for construction purposes.

We specialize in providing ASTM products, meeting internationally recognized quality and consistency standards. One of the most frequently-used materials we offer is ASTM A572 steel.

A572 steel is available in five different grades: 42, 50, 55, 60, and 65. Each grade number indicates the yield strength of this high strength, low alloy steel. Its multiple favorable properties make it a staple for construction applications.

Strength, Weldability, and Machinability

One of the most commonly used A572 grades is A572-50. This grade has an ultimate tensile strength of 65,300 psi and a high tensile yield strength of 50,000 psi. It is used in a broad array of structural applications, some of which include buildings, transmission towers, bridges, construction equipment, and truck frames.

In addition to its strength, A572 maintains excellent ductility, allowing it to be machined by multiple techniques and easily welded. It has been measured as having machinability at 66% of B1112 steel, with average cutting speeds available up to 110 ft/min. The metal’s properties also support weldability that can produce strong, high-quality joints.

Structural steel components composed of A572 steel include:

It is an essential element for applications that require high strength-to-weight ratios. When compared to carbon steel, A572 can meet the same strength requirements with smaller quantities of steel, offering excellent strength tolerances with lower weight levels.


While strength levels of A572 can vary slightly depending on the exact composition of the material, general composition is usually broken down as follows:

•  98% Iron
•  0.23% – 0.209% Carbon
•  1.35% Manganese
•  0.040% Phosphorous
•  0.40% Silicon
•  0.050% Sulfur

Our extensive inventory at Infra-Metals covers A572 in multiple different forms and all grades. To find out more about how we can assist with your specific application, please contact us today.

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