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Nick Grieco – Operations Manager

Nick Grieco is the Operations Manager in Wallingford, CT. Originally from Connecticut, Nick spent time in Florida working for a low voltage security company where he installed entry, emergency and security systems. Nick arrived back home in Connecticut where he took a warehouse position in January of 2011. He went through peer training for crane operation and quickly became a loader. Several Nor’easters later, in June of 2013, Nick became the Lead Operator of the Wheelabrator. This machine, for those not aware, is basically a building unto itself. He managed all of the workloads for the three shifts that operated it, handled the maintenance and consumables as well as scheduled the personnel.

“Infra-Metals is the land of opportunity.”

Career Growth at Infra-Metals

Further applying his skills learned over the previous six years, Nick took on yet another role. In 2017 he became the Processing Supervisor for second shift and several years later moved to first shift. The opportunity afforded him to manage more of his peers while still focusing on processing. Now, he was responsible for all of the machines in the Wallingford facility. “I had a closer relationship with traffic and maintenance than ever before.”  Nick continues for the next several years in this role and ultimately landed on first shift and operating in a more managerial aspect.

Current Day-to-day as Operations Manager

In April of 2021, Nick was named Operations Manager for Wallingford. Nick’s daily responsibility now encompasses all of the operations within the New England facility. “I like working with people and I get to do that everyday with the best.” He relates well to other employees regarding the decision to work at Infra. We have all sorts of people here that come from different backgrounds, but they all have the same opportunity.  He feels that its important to stay at eye level with all employees.

“Times are changing and the workforce is changing.”

Additionally Nick work’s closely with the general manager to protect the company’s most valuable investment…The employees that work at Infra-Metals. When asked how he continues to keep the safety message front and center his response was to keep the supervisors involved in the mission and believing the vision. They have to be lifted up and encouraged to keep the future of the safety program moving forward and firmly implemented. Building a trusting relationship with his guys remains a top priority in the success Wallingford and he continues to foster an environment that promotes open communications when problems and safety issues arise.

Hobbies and Interests

When not overseeing the warehouse operations and employees, Nick can be found enjoying family time, golf and bowling.


“If you have something to say, say it in truth.”