Meredith WhittiesMeredith Whitties, Traffic Manager for Infra-Metals Petersburg, began his career with us in 2003 as a CDL Truck Driver. Meredith’s hands-on experience as a driver provided him with the knowledge necessary to be successful in his current role.

Career Growth at Infra-Metals

Meredith’s 17-year journey at Infra-Metals has been one of hard work and dedication.  In 2011 he was promoted to the Assistant Traffic Manager, primarily performing many administrative task to support the Traffic Manager. Meredith demonstrated himself as a self-motivated and very observant employee, which eventually lead to his promotion in 2018 to the Traffic Manager.

“I enjoy interacting with the drivers on a daily basis because it shows them what is achievable with a career at Infra-Metals”.

Meredith’s promotions illustrate the journey many have taken within the company. The company leadership acknowledge and reward hard work and dedication through achievement letters and awards. Meredith reflects on these awards with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Current Day-to-Day of Traffic Manager

Infra has grown over the years and with the leadership in place, it will continue to do so. The traffic department is one of our most dynamic areas of the business. Everything that occurs flows through there and in many ways, is the pulse of operation. Meredith and his team are responsible for managing inbound and outbound traffic. Building loads and scheduling deliveries are their primary responsibilities as well as managing the fleet of tractor trailers and drivers.

Meredith will continue to deliver excellence by looking to the future through continuing education. “I aspire to further educate myself on the ever-changing technology in the industry.”

“Go Team Infra.”