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Antonio Garcia – Warehouse Supervisor

Anotnio GarciaAntonio Garcia, Warehouse Supervisor for Infra-Metals Petersburg, first started at the Marseilles, IL location in August 2005 as a crane operator.  Although the environment can seem intimidating when you are first learning the job, all of my training was safe and very thorough.  After a while, I became a Crane Trainer, training new hires when they started with the company.  I worked hard as a Crane Operator, for about 11 years, and I was always willing to help everyone when they needed a hand.

Infra-Metals acquired the Atlanta location, and I was asked if I would be interested in being the Trainer for their team members. This required teaching the Atlanta associates our hand-held scanners and our ERP systems.  Once the leadership team saw what I could do, they asked me if an opportunity to move up within the company presented itself, would I be interested in it, if it included relocating to another plant and I replied, “I’m in”.

As I continued training the Atlanta team members, I was also called upon to go to Texas and train the Delta team, our sister company.  Shortly after returning from Texas, there were three positions for advancement mentioned to me and I was just waiting for the first one to become available.  As soon as the training program ended for the Atlanta team members, a supervisor position came available in Virginia and I took the position.

Current Day-to-Day as Warehouse Supervisor

My current position as a Virginia Warehouse Supervisor is fast-moving and ever-changing.  We rotate shifts every three months which allows us to adapt to situations that happen on both; inbound and outbound shifts as well as bond with the associates on the different shifts.  Rotating shifts does have its own set of challenges however, approaching work with the right attitude, any challenge can be overcome with the right crew!

Infra-Metals is continuously growing and has been ever since I started here, each plant has gotten better and better over time.  Most importantly, is our safety growth.  We focus in on our safety record and continuously focusing in on our safety equipment and staying up to date with our equipment.  We want this to be everyone’s home away from home and we want every team member to return home to their loved ones the same way they arrived that day, the only way to make that happen is to have the safest work environment possible.

Some of the things I enjoy best about working at Infra-Metals are the people that I work with and work for.  The people here appreciate me, and I appreciate them.  Working at Infra-Metals means that you work for a company that truly appreciates you, you are not just a number here, everyone knows who you are, who your family is and what your goals are!  I enjoy motivating other employees to be better and do better, to see the best in themselves and find a life-long career at Infra-Metals just like I have.

My future goal is to work on day shift permanently and be a part of the management team.  A quote I live by is “A thank you goes a long way”.

Eric Rundquist – Processing Coordinator

Eric RundquistEric Rundquist, Processing Coordinator for Infra-Metals New Boston, began working as a Saw Operator at our company in 2014. Eric’s prior experience in the medical field offered him a unique perspective going forward in his new career.

Career Growth at Infra-Metals

Eric, like many employees at Infra-Metals, has held several roles throughout his career. Starting as a Saw Operator, Eric learned the production and logistics side of the business. Being new to the New Boston, Ohio area, Eric was mentored by management, allowing him to grow into his new position at the newly opened facility.

With a new facility comes new challenges. He started working at Infra-Metals only months after the facility was first opened and watched it grow and expand daily.

“It is gratifying to see your fellow colleagues’ flourish.”

Moving from production to traffic coordinator offered yet another challenge in the form of logistics. Creating and managing the inbound deliveries and outbound shipments furthered Eric’s education and offered a new perspective on the inner workings of a steel service center.

Current Day-to-Day of Processing Coordinator

In his current role of processing coordinator, Eric puts together processing schedules for all the machinery on the production floor. Managing machinery in this type of environment requires problem solving and instituting new procedures. Eric has been able to adapt and evolve into his role seamlessly and has become and integral part of our daily operation.

“I really enjoy getting to work with a variety of people in different roles and responsibilities, from sales and management to shop floor and everything in between. It is never mundane or monotonous, rather exciting, high energy and everyday is different with its own challenges.”

Eric’s career goals looking to the future: “My goals and aspirations are centered around continuous improvement. I look to move through the ranks to the highest position I can attain and continue to play a larger role in the success of company.”