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Selecting the Right Steel Supply Partner

The steel industry is a vital component of modern infrastructure, serving various sectors such as construction, manufacturing, automotive, energy, and many more. As such, selecting a reliable and efficient steel supply partner is crucial for businesses to ensure uninterrupted operations and maintain product quality. But with numerous options available in the market, choosing the right steel supply partner can be overwhelming.

This article provides essential factors to consider when selecting a steel supply partner and its importance to your business.

Factors To Consider in Choosing the Right Steel Supply Partner

Here are the top things to keep in mind when selecting the best supplier for your next project:

Quality Control

Quality is of paramount importance when it comes to steel products. The supplier should have a robust quality control system to ensure their products consistently meet industry standards and specifications. Ask your supplier if they have a quality control program to ensure they have checks and balances in place for their operations.

Reliability and Reputation

Seek a supplier with a demonstrated history of fulfilling their commitments and meeting customer needs. A dependable partner will be well-regarded for delivering top-notch products, offering exceptional customer service, and cultivating enduring client relationships.

Pricing and Payment Terms

A steel supply partner that offers flexible and advantageous payment terms can aid in managing cash flow and financial responsibilities efficiently. Thus, look for a supplier that provides competitive pricing while maintaining high-quality standards. It’s essential to factor in the payment terms, such as credit options, discounts, and accepted payment methods.

Delivery and Logistics

Consider the supplier’s delivery capabilities, including transportation network, lead times, and order tracking systems. A supplier with a robust logistics and supply chain management system can ensure timely and reliable delivery of steel products. This minimizes disruptions in the supply chain and workflow of your shop.

Customer Service and Support

The right supplier will offer prompt and proactive customer service, including timely communication, technical support, and effective issue resolution. A company that prioritizes its customers and delivers exceptional service can establish trust and cultivate a long-term partnership.

Flexibility and Customization

Choose a supplier that can customize their steel products, packaging, labeling, and inventory management solutions to fit your specific requirements. This flexibility can add value to your operations and streamline processes.

Technical Expertise

A supplier with technical expertise can help you make informed decisions, optimize your steel usage, and achieve better results. Therefore, consider a steel supply partner with a team of experts who can provide technical guidance, support, and value-added services.

Inventory Management

Assess the steel supply partner’s inventory management capabilities. For example, take into account their inventory levels and replenishment processes. An effective inventory management system can help prevent stockouts, optimize costs, and enhance operational efficiency.

Infra-Metals: Your Reliable Steel Supplier

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Ralph Conte – Credit Manager

Ralph Conte is the Credit Manager for Wallingford, CT.

Ralph has worked in credit across several industries since 1995, the majority of which has been business-to-business. Previously coming from the lumber industry, he began working in Wallingford, CT as an assistant credit manager in January of 2013. Working alongside the credit manager gave Ralph the know how it takes to be in the steel business. There are some tools that he didn’t have at his disposal before which afforded him better information when making decisions with accounts. Eventually in June of 2020 he would split duties with the existing credit manager and divide and conquer the territories Wallingford served.

Ralph also has an alternative personality… radio personality that is. Some may not now know this but Ralph was for some time a radio disc jockey for several broadcast stations throughout New England. While his Bruce Wayne personality collects the cash; the Batman shows up on radio stations with music and news. He continued this dynamic duo role for some time until he took over the entire credit department.

Career Growth

In February of 2022, Ralph assumed all of the responsibilities of the credit department. His ten years with Infra-Metals has allowed him to develop personal relationships with his customers.

“I want to make customers feel good and make it easy to do business with us. It’s important to have good bedside manners and salesmanship when dealing in credit and customer relations.”

As Ralph enters his 11th year in his credit role he eyes the future with unrelenting optimism. Infra-Metals has continued to grow and Ralph has grown with us. He notes that “the steel business is a lot more fun than the other industries I’ve served.” When Ralph ventures home or on the road to see customers, he feels a sense of pride when he sees projects we’ve worked on with our customers.

“Infra-Metals is a savvy business and one that I am going to stick with until I retire.”


To occupy his free time, Ralph enjoys golf and water color painting, both of which are relatively new outlets for him. He also loves family time, enjoying their recently acquired new home.


“The third thing is the truth.”

Congratulations Ralph and thank you for your contribution to our team!