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Kevin Perez – Quality Assurance Administrator

Kevin Perez

Kevin Perez

Kevin Perez is the Quality Assurance Administrator for Wallingford, CT.

Kevin arrived at Infra-Metals in 1996 after an honorable discharge from the United States Army and leaving his job at a convalescent home. His 26 year journey began as a 3rd shift crane operator in Wallingford, CT. From 1998-2006 Kevin worked in the warehouse as a 3rd shift supervisor. During this time, the country experienced the worst terrorist attack on American soil and Kevin jumped at the chance to re-enlist and serve his country. While enlisted, he found himself working security for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah.

Career Growth

In 2015 Kevin became the receiving clerk for Wallingford. His responsibilities became very inventory focused. Kevin would schedule and receive all inbound mill deliveries, as well as attend to any mill claims and RMAs. This role would be a stepping stone for his next move.

In 2020, Kevin became the Quality Assurance Administrator. A culmination of work experiences made this move an easy one. He has a vast amount of operations knowledge that helps Kevin to successfully manage the QA program at Infra-Metals. From finalizing load checks, to processing quality checks and finalizing customer documentation for accuracy, Kevin’s is most often times the final person to oversee many task before a delivery is made to our customers.

“I like working with the guys in the warehouse and helping the new guys.”

Kevin works closely with all of the departments and that is something that he really enjoys. Kevin also enjoys his contributions to the toolbox talks. He wants to continue to grow with the company and is always eager to take on more responsibility. “Infra-Metals has provided me with a career and it’s the place I want to retire from.”


“Stay Safe”


When Kevin isn’t working he can be found enjoying his motorcycle and practicing at the shooting range.

Congratulations Kevin! We look forward to your many more years with Infra-Metals!