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Florida Division Has Operated Two Years Accident Free!!!

We are pleased to announce that on March 6, 2021, our Infra-Metals Florida Division employees, have worked 2 Years Accident Free!!! Our employees have worked over 117,640 hours and shipped 159,280 tons without injury.  This is an extraordinary accomplishment!

When we asked our employees, what keeps them motivated to work safely, their answer was to go home to their families in one piece, every day and for their fellow workers to do the same. When we asked our employees, what their favorite safety quote was, many of them answered “Safety, Quality, Production”. Finally, when we asked our employees, what can we do better as a company in regards to safety, their answer was that they wanted us to continue encouraging them to work Safely. They wanted us to continue to provide them with the tools necessary to work safely.

As we celebrate and honor our employees who have reached this milestone, we all recognize that they must continue to work safely, as their work is far from being done. We are so proud of our employees and their similar mindset of wanting to live in the culture of Safety First.  As a company, we want our employees and their families to know, that our mission is to ensure the safety of all our workers, as they are our Number One Priority!

These pictures are of our employees who have worked hard to be accident free over the last 2 years and counting.

Congratulations and a job well done Tampa!

Robert Jamison – Processing Manager

RobertJamisonRobert Jamison has worked at Infra-Metals for 21 years and started out as a Crane Operator. Over his long career with us he has held numerous positions including Saw Operator, Assistant Shift Supervisor and finally Processing Manager and Safety Coordinator.

When he started with Infra-Metals he worked at the Maryland location and now he is living in Virginia, working at the Petersburg, Virginia warehouse.

In the beginning of my career, training was rushed and only the basics were taught to get associates up to speed and working daily, on their own.  As the years have passed, training has become a top priority for Infra-Metals.  This is the at the forefront of the overall changes, increased safety, and training!  Creating a better safety culture remains the primary focus of the Infra leadership teams.

Current Day-to-Day as Processing Manager

My role as the Processing Manager is to schedule all of the processing orders to all of the equipment and the Safety Coordinator aspect of the position requires training all of the team members on all safety procedures of our company to ensure that everyone remains safe.

What I like the most about processing is the challenge of trying to get as much of the work done as I can out of each machine each day.  I also like the safety aspect of the job; it is a new responsibility and I enjoy learning new things.  Both parts of my role allow me to interact with the team members and since recently moving to Virginia it has help me to meet the rest of the team and build relationships.

The greatest change I have seen in the company over the last 21 years is the safety focus and safety culture and how the company cares about the employees first!

My future goal is to learn everything that I can possibly learn to move up within the company as far as I can in the company.  If I had to pick a pick a position, I would say I would aspire to be the Operations Manager.