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ASTM Standard A709

ASTM A709 Structural Steel

At Infra-Metals, we lead the industry with our selection of high-quality, ASTM certified structural steels for the construction industry. ASTM International plays an essential role in ensuring that metals for construction applications meet the highest standards of consistency and quality. ASTM A709 steels are among the most sought-after materials for outdoor infrastructure. The composition of A709 ensures strength, long lifespans, and resistance to the harshest outdoor conditions.

An Ideal Strength-to-Weight Ratio

The A709 alloy, which is composed of iron, manganese, carbon, and other elements, maintains an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. This means that smaller quantities of steel are required in order to meet our customer’s varying strength requirements, improving efficiency and cutting down on excess weight.

A709 alloy also maintains excellent corrosion resistance, allowing it to maintain long lifespans–even during the most harsh atmospheric conditions. These properties make A709 ideal for applications such as bridges, and is a standard material employed by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation.

Properties that Combine Strength and Weldability

A709 steel maintains a tensile yield strength of 50,000 psi and an ultimate tensile strength of 65,300 psi. It is also highly weldable and can produce excellent quality welded joints. The high-strength, low alloy steel can be used in:

Composition Breakdown

The composition of A709 can vary somewhat, but generally stays within the following parameters:

•  98% Iron
•  0.23% Carbon
•  1.35% Manganese
•  < 0.040% Phosphorous
•  < 0.050% Sulfur

As one of the largest service centers for structural steel in the U.S., A709 is just one of the many materials Infra-Metals offers. Contact us today to learn more about this alloy or the many additional options we have available.

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