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ASTM Standard A588

ASTM A588 Structural Steel

The construction industry relies on high-strength, low alloy steels for architectural projects that must endure the harshest outdoor environmental conditions.

To ensure the highest level of quality and consistency across the board, ASTM International holds more than 12,000 different standards that are adhered to by companies worldwide, ensuring the highest level of quality and consistency across industries, manufacturers, and suppliers. These standards are essential for suppliers who are choosing structural steel, ensuring they receive premium quality metals and alloys such as ASTM A588 steel.

A highly sought-after element in construction, A588 maintains some of the best levels of performance for outdoor applications.

Four Times the Corrosion Resistance

A588 steel is well known for its weathering ability. When exposed to external conditions, its corrosion-resistant properties become stronger, even when unpainted. A588 steel has four times as much corrosion resistance as carbon steel.

It is heavily used in a broad range of applications that include transmission and phone towers, freight cars, bridge and gusset plates, and housing enclosures. This steel also maintains an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, meeting the strength requirements of carbon steel while weighing much less.

Composition that Maximizes Strength

The strength of A588 contributes to its long lifespan, even when subjected to the harshest elements. It has a tensile yield strength greater than 46,000 psi and a tensile strength equal to or greater than 65,700 psi at break. This metal is also highly weldable, producing high-quality welded joints that remain strong throughout the lifetime of the structure.

The composition of A588 steel is made up of a mix of certain elements, commonly including:

•  97% – 98.2% Iron
•  0.40% – 0.65% Chromium
•  0.25% – 0.40% Copper
•  0.90% – 1.25% Manganese
•  < 0.040% Phosphorous
•  0.15% – 0.30% Silicon
•  < 0.050% Sulfur
•  00.020% – 0.10% Vanadium

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